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Walter Koenig will get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and everybody congratulates.


Leonard Nimoy is on at 15.51 min.


Next Monday Walter Koenig will finally get his star on the Walk of Fame. Leonard Nimoy will be in attendance at the ceremony. To celebrate the event, Planet Xpo is organizing a convention limited to 600 attendees over the weekend.

On Monday September 10, join Walter and his family at the induction ceremony on the Walk of Fame. This event is open to the general public.

For the schedule and list of celebrities expected on site on Monday go here.


Leonard Nimoy is expected to attend the ceremony. Watch the live stream here.






'Star Trek' reunion on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leonard Nimoy and George Takei were among the Star Trek actors who saluted Walter Koenig on Monday as he joined his former castmates in receiving an honor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov in the hit 1960s sci-fi show, unveiled the 2,479th star on Hollywood Boulevard, close to Takei's pavement plaque.

He was joined by his former co-stars Takei, Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols, as well as his wife Judy Levitt and daughter Danielle, at the ceremony - and he was overwhelmed by the accolade.

Speaking of his star honour when it was announced last year, Koenig declared, "This is something that you hope and wish for, dream about, but something you never expect to really happen. It's a joyous occasion and I am deeply honoured."

Source: Chron


Hollywood Walk of Fame website


German news bit about the ceremony:


Lots of pictures here:

GEMA News, Chron, terra (Spanish), g1 (Spanish),, Zimbio, Yahoo 1 + 2, Image Collect 1 + 2 + 3, BBC, Getty Images, Bulgarian News Agency 1 + 2, Hollywood Walk of Fame on Facebook and here are three more that Grace found on Instagram 1 +2 +3 and some very fine ones via mrssylargray Tumblr page

More photos from Walter Koenig's Star ceremony that Grace found for us. Thanks. Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3.

Even more photos from Walter Koenig's Star ceremony on Flicker by rwoan

Walter Koenig Hollywood Star Ceremony Walter Koenig Hollywood Star Ceremony

Walter Koenig Hollywood Star Ceremony

Walter Koenig Hollywood Star Ceremony

I don't think I've seen this picture before of the speaker's at Walter Koenig's star ceremony waiting to be called to the stage. This and more at Assignment X.





L.A. Film Fest (June 2012)



Leonard Nimoy On 'Star Trek II''s 30th Anniversary
The Actor Wanted to Beam Out of the Role of Spock - But Changed His Mind

On the first signs that there might be something unexpected happening:

I went to work for [‘Star Trek II’ executive producer] Harve Bennett on another project in Israel called 'A Woman Called Golda' that was about Golda Meir, the woman who became Prime Minister of Israel. I was playing her husband. They sent me the script while I was in Israel. I read it and I was not terribly impressed. I didn't feel very good about it. I contacted him and I told him so. He said, 'You have a week off. You come to L.A. and let's deal with this.' I said that I would. I came to Los Angeles and by then he had hired Nicholas Meyer, who was a very talented writer and a good director. I had a meeting with the two of them and I told them what my concerns were about the script, and I got a very refreshing response. Particularly in television, you go to the producer and say, 'I have a problem with the script,' and they go, 'Well, let's sit down and see what the problem is. Page 17, what's your problem there? Page 22, we'll change that line, change that moment,' and what you end up with is a script with a lot of band-aids on it. When I told Harve and Nick what my concerns were, Nicholas Meyer to my delight said, 'I agree with you. I'm doing a rewrite. When do you have to go back to Israel?' and I said, 'Friday.' He said, 'I'll have a script ready for you to take back on the plane.' He did, and it was wonderful. So I thought, 'Okay, we're going to make a movie.'

On going from wanting out of “Star Trek” to suddenly wanting back in:

Working on the film I felt very strongly that the film was a good 'Star Trek' movie – if not a terrific 'Star Trek' movie. We came to the day when we were going to film the scene that Harve Bennett had talked about and it was a very powerful scene. It was playing very well, and I thought to myself, 'I think I've made a terrible mistake!' Thankfully, Harve came down to the set as I was about to go in to the chamber – this will be a spoiler for some of you who haven't seen the film: He said, 'Is there something you can do that can give us a thread to continue this story?' I came up with the one word that you'll see in the movie, and those of you that know what the word is – you'll ‘remember,’ won't you? Yeah. So I did that. I picked the word and I did the piece of business that was called for, and the movie was a very good movie and very successfully put 'Star Trek' back on track. We were all very grateful for that, because it gave me the opportunity to direct the next two films and to produce the sixth, and a lot of great things happened as a result. That film really, in my opinion, saved the 'Star Trek' franchise, because it was really in trouble at that moment.

Source: 4 NBC New York

He also speaks about Kirstie Alley as Saavik, NBC doctoring the very first publicity photo of him as Spock, retouching the ears and working on the first Star Trek movie by J.J. Abrams.

From the context, I think this is a recap of what was said at the screening of The Wrath of Khan and not an interview. Hope the video Mr. Nimoy spoke of on Twitter will be uploaded.




Thanks to Grace for spotting those pictures. More on the L.A. Filmfest and Wrath of Khan here. More photos on Flicker here and MSN Entertainment.





In May Leonard Nimoy read a story for the Selected Shorts series. Thanks go to Bonnie and Bobbie for sharing their impressions of the reading and trip to the R.Michelson Galleries.


Upon hearing that Mr. Nimoy would be appearing in New York City for a ‘Selected Shorts’ appearance, my friend, Bobbie Reno invited me to come up to the Albany, NY area to stay with her. From there, we would take a train to New York City on May 23rd to ‘Symphony Space’, where the performance would be held. On Friday, we planned to drive to Northampton, Massachusetts to see Rich Michelson, Mr.Nimoy’s gallerist, collaborator and friend, at the R.Michelson Galleries. My flight to Albany was uneventful and it was great to finally meet Bobbie face-to-face. We had both been members of the Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans back in the  1960’s and 70’s and were both at the MASS MoCA for the “Secret Selves” exhibition. We had recognized each others’ names over the years, but actually connected via twitter and phone after “Secret Selves.” (read more)




Space Shuttle Enterprise Touches Down in New York



Behind the scenes photo of Leonard Nimoy giving an interview to Fox News 

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Welcoming #Enterprise. #spottheshuttle #shuttlemashThe Senator and the Vulcan. #spottheshuttle #shuttlemash #enterprise

Looks a bit chilly in NY. More photos of the Enterprise taking the scenic route to JFK at Laughing Squid. See also Hollywood Grind. Submitted by Grace. Thanks!

And here's the video where Mr. Nimoy says he's in talks about apprearing in the next Star Trek movie.


Shuttle Enterprise lands after soaring over NYC skyline

Welcome home, space shuttle Enterprise.

The NASA shuttle soared over the Statue of Liberty and the world's most famous skyline Friday morning before landing safely at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Hundreds were waiting to greet the aircraft, including NASA dignitaries, fidgety schoolchildren and Leonard Nimoy.

"It feels like a reunion," Nimoy told CNN. Nimoy, who played Spock on the 1960s sci-fi series "Star Trek," recalled being photographed with the Enterprise when it was first unveiled as part of a politics-meets-pop culture moment. Then-President Ford had ordered the shuttle named after the show's fictional star ship Enterprise following a letter-writing campaign by fans of the series.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Spock meets NASA’s Enterprise for final flight

NASA this week has delivered the next of several shuttles from their now-complete program, this most recent perhaps being the most famous in its name and history: The Space Shuttle Enterprise. This particular shuttle was never actually flown into space, instead reserved for test missions vital to the success of the NASA shuttle program. This shuttle was named after the popular 1960′s Star Trek Original Series ship, the Starship Enterprise, and was greeted at its birth and here at its final resting place by no less than Mr Spock himself!

Leonard Nimoy was on hand this week to see the ship make its final berth, he having been one of the crew to be there when the ship was first christened back in 1976.

Source: Slash Gear

Leonard Nimoy to Shuttle Enterprise: 'Live Long and Prosper' in NYC

NEW YORK — Science fiction met fact with a "Star Trek" twist here today (April 27) when the space shuttle Enterprise, named in honor of the starship from the beloved television show, came face-to-face with Spock — Leonard Nimoy, that is.

The "Star Trek" actor was on hand at John F. Kennedy International Airport when the shuttle Enterprise flew in atop a jumbo jet Friday morning. Enterprise was delivered from Washington, D.C. to the Big Apple, where it will eventually go on display at Manhattan's Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.


Nimoy to Enterprise: 'Live long and prosper'

NEW YORK — Science fiction met fact with a "Star Trek" twist here Friday when the space shuttle Enterprise, named in honor of the starship from the beloved television show, came face-to-face with Spock — Leonard Nimoy, that is.

The "Star Trek" actor was on hand at John F. Kennedy International Airport when the shuttle Enterprise flew in atop a jumbo jet Friday morning. Enterprise was delivered from Washington, D.C., to the Big Apple, where it will eventually go on display at Manhattan's Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.


The actor wasn't the only one feeling the "Star Trek" vibe at Enterprise's landing.

"To the Enterprise and to the Intrepid Museum I say, live long and prosper in your final resting place," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., echoing Mr. Spock's words.

Source: MSNBC

Leonard Nimoy, Senator Charles Schumer Welcome Enterprise Shuttle to NYC

Today the Space Shuttle Enterprise arrived in New York City today, thanks to a lift from a Boeing 747. The Intrepid Museum, its future resting place, held a small welcome ceremony for several hundred guests, who included Leonard Nimoy and Senator Charles Schumer.

Source: Forbes

Caption This: Spock And Schumer

As a piggy-backing Space Shuttle Enterprise touched down at JFK Airport in New York City, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Leonard “Spock” Nimoy were both on hand to witness the event and possibly have a mind meld, with this photo tweeted by the senior senator’s twitter feed.

Source: Capital Tonight

Mr. Spock schickt Raumschiff-"Enterprise" in Rente

Das US-Space Shuttle "Enterprise" kommt in New York ins Museum. Die "Star Trek"-Ikone Mr. Spock alias Leonard Nimoy hielt die Laudatio und verriet, wie das reale Space Shuttle zu seinem Namen kam.

Source: Welt Online, has video footage.




Watch the latest video at




DEMO Enterprise Conference

Steve Wozniak and Leonard Nimoy speak at DEMO Bay area technology conference


Steve Wozniak, Leonard Nimoy to speak at DEMO Bay area technology conference

Per MacNN, Apple co-founder and inventor Steve Wozniak will host a talk at a DEMO conference on technology’s past, present and future with special guest Leonard Nimoy, an actor and photographer best known for his role as “Spock” in the Star Trek franchise of TV shows and movies.

More here.

The event will be streamed today, Jan 5th, at at 6:15 pm PST, they say, but I haven't been able to figure out where on the page or if one needs to sign up for anything...  Anyway, I’ll be fast asleep here at the hour it streams in the U.S. Hope somebody else will catch it and tell us about it. 


Wozniak, Nimoy meet for tech meeting

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A meeting of the tech minds took place Thursday night at Temple Nightclub in San Francisco. Steve Wozniak and Leonard Nimoy were on hand for Demo Enterprise Disruption: An Evening Of Change And Innovation.

It was an opportunity for Wozniak's company, Fusion-io, and student companies to show off their products to potential investors. The Woz and the actor best known as "Spock" on "Star Trek" took to the stage to trade personal stories, including meeting for the first time in Moscow.

"...And a group of people passed us and after they passed us, the people that I was with said to me, 'I think that was Steve Wozniak that just went by,'" said Nimoy.

"I think my people told me 'That's Leonard Nimoy,'" said Wozniak.

Source: ABC


Leonard “Mr. Spock” Nimoy speaks at DEMO

We were honored to have Leonard Nimoy, best known as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, as one of our speakers last night.

VentureBeat and DEMO produced the event, which was hosted by Fusion-io, a leader in efficient server technology.

As we gathered to discuss large-scale innovations and future-focused technologies, we were joined by Mr. Nimoy, who shared some of his thoughts on how science fiction of the past is becoming the scientific and technological reality in the present.

Nimoy is in a unique position. Having been a fundamental part of the most influential science fiction series (arguably) ever, he’s associated with science and technology. But the man is an artist — he’s an actor by profession and also an excellent photographer

But he realizes that curiosity and creativity drive both of these disparate pursuits, and he shares the importance of those two virtues with us, both through his words and his character.

If there’s one thing I learned from listening to Mr. Nimoy both on- and offstage last night, it’s that he is completely devoid of arrogance or complacency; and his wide-eyed, unpretentious approach to people and ideas is part of what makes him so inspiring. He is endlessly inquisitive, and he showed us that he is willing to learn, whether from great minds like that of Steve Wozniak or from mere passers-by whose only commendations are the new bits of information they possess.

His attitude was (to me, at least) a stark and refreshing contrast to the know-it-all aura we technologists sometimes acquire. When we involve ourselves with the day-to-day creation of the tools the future world will use, we tend to become a bit blasé, to acquire a certain road-weariness or ennui. We are distrustful of others’ ideas when we ought to be open-minded, and we are critical when we ought to be encouraging, for innovation’s sake.

Nimoy ended his prepared remarks with a quotation from famous science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke: “When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.”

I hope that we, like Nimoy, continue to explore our own strange, new worlds with enthusiasm and fresh eyes, and to innovate without regard for the realm of the impossible.

Source: Venture.Beat

Demo fusion io from Venturebeat on Vimeo.


Matt interviews Woz and Leonard Nimoy from Venturebeat on Vimeo.


VBWeekly from Venturebeat on Vimeo.