Events 1980's

Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park Opening (1989)

Leonard Nimoy received a Mouse award and left his hand prints in cement. (more/close)





Star Trek 25th Anniversary (1986)



YouTube description: "A segment from the 1991 'Star Trek 25th Anniversary' TV special focused on conventions, Trekkers/Trekkies and the stars who attend them. There is also some footage of the 'Star Trek Adventure' at Universal Studios and the first space shuttle the Enterprise." Hosted by Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. See also Memory Alpha.



"The Star Trek Viewers Choice Marathon aired 28 September 1991 immediately before the Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special. Like the special, it was hosted by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. There were ten episodes chosen for the marathon, which were shown in order from #10 through #1. There was also a shortened version of the marathon shown in some markets of the final three episodes, which were the top ranked episodes." Source: Memory Alpha.


Gene Roddenberry Receives His Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (1986)