Every Child Foundation (2010)
The video Leonard Nimoy narrates for the Everychild Foundation that his wife Susan supports is now available on YouTube.
Our 20th Century (2010)
Video. There are a few more clips available on YouTube, and the whole 4 DVD set can be ordered from Amazon, who write "All of the top news stories of the 20th Century in one collection consisting of four DVD's that will bring hours of fun, entertainment, and history into your life. From amazing highlights of great moments in baseball, football, basketball, golf, horse racing, and past Olympics, to fashion changes throughout the decades, and top entertainment news, this collection captures all of the great moments of the 20th Century."
Documentary About Beth Sholom Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright (2009)
The Jewish Exponent writes: "'It's probably the only synagogue that people would know just by the name of the architect,' said historian Susan G. Solomon, author of the recent Louis I. Kahn's Jewish Architecture: Mikveh Israel and the Mid-century American Synagogue. (...) (more)
The Brain's Inner Workings (2009)

Video from the National Institute of Mental Health on YouTube.

Leonard Nimoy leads viewers deep into the brain, introduces the physical, chemical and electrical events that occur in the normal brain, and provides clues to what goes awry in mental illness. Source: NIMH


Silicon Valley's Renewable Energy (2009)
Leonard Nimoy narrates a video for the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association. They have put up clips of the video on YouTube.
What's Going On Up There? (2007)
Frozen Film Festival 2007. Description at Spike: "June 26, 2007 - From hardworking scientists and environmentalists--even a college student in Kuwait who wants to be the first Muslim woman in space--to Hollywood filmmakers, entrepreneurs, psychiatrists, historians, lawyers and preschoolers, this doc offers conversations with professionals and ordinary citizens on all sides of the space debate. Introduced by Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek), who once again asks us what Earthlings will do with the final frontier."
Dawn, Mission to the Asteroids Vesta & Ceres NASA JPL (2007)

NASA has send out a probe to learn more about the dawn of our solar system. Video



Star Trek Beyond the Final Frontier (Host, 2007)

IMDB: "Forty years after the start of the Star Trek phenomenon, Paramount commissions Christie's auction house in New York to sell over a thousand original artifacts (spaceship models, costumes, and props) used in the production of the five television series and ten feature films. / 19 February 2007 (USA)/ Runtime: 120 min" (more)

The Once and Future Griffith Observatory (2006)

"Mr. Nimoy narrates the colorful history of Griffith Observatory, using stills, movies and never-before-seen WWII documentary footage. The tour takes you through the entire Observatory, highlighting the new state-of-the-art exhibits throughout." See Friends of the Observatory for more about the DVD.



The Next Wave (Host, 2000)

Here you can watch or download a short segment from The Next Wave.



Star Trek Sci-Fi Channel Special Edition (1999) Host

Introduction to the episodes by Leonard Nimoy at the second airing. William Shatner hosted it the year before. (Please scroll down for the video links.)



  Season 1    
01. The Man Trap    
02. Charlie X    
03. Where No Man Has Gone Before    
04. The Naked Time    
05. The Enemy Within    
07. What Are Little Girls Made Of    
08. Miri    
10. The Corbomite Maneuver    
11. The Menagerie Pt. 1    
12. The Menagerie Pt. 2    
13. The Conscience of the King    
14. Balance of Terror    
15. Shore Leave    
16. The Galileo Seven    
17. The Squire of Gothos    
18. Arena    
19. Tomorrow Is Yesterday    

Y2K Family Survival Guide (1998)

Remember when we were told the (digital) world would end in the year 2000 because when inventing computers someone forgot to figure in that storing years with only two digits would come back to bite them in the posterior at the change of the millennium? To help people prepare for the scenario, videos and books like these were devised.



Making of Mission Genesis (1997)

Leonard Nimoy narrates the making of Mission Genesis, a 1997 SciFi Channel show. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



TrekFest '96 (1996) Host

A Sci-Fi Channel special screeing of the Star Trek movies to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


Star Trek Judgement Rites (1993)

Leonard Nimoy did the introduction to a set of special features for the Star Trek: Judgment Rites Collector's Edition. (more)



Introduction to Boston Science Museum's IMAX/Mugar Omni Theater (1980's)
Visitors to the Science Museum in Boston might remember him from the introduction to the sound system of the museums IMAX/Mugar Omni Theater in the '80. Listen to it on Vimeo
Jellies and Other Ocean Drifters (1996)

"Jellies and Other Ocean Drifters is a 35-minute program produced by Sea Studios and The Monterey Bay Aquarium, in collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock of Star Trek), Jellies features breathtaking images of never-before-seen jellyfish and other deep ocean creatures: predatory comb jellies, web-weaving larvaceans, colonial salps and 30-foot long siphonophores."


The Science of Star Trek (1995)

YouTube description: "This episode of the PBS series 'The New Explorers', hosted by Bill Kurtis, aired on January 18, 1995. The show takes a look at the science portrayed in Star Trek and how some of it has translated into reality."

Leonard Nimoy is interviewed in part 1 (at 04:46 min), the beginning of part 6 and in part 8. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Haunted Lives (1991)

YouTube description: "Haunted Lives: 'Ghosts R Us/The Legend of Kate Morgan/School Spirit' • • First Aired: 10/28/1991 Leonard Nimoy (Narrator) Intro."


Standby... Lights! Camera! Action! (Host, 1983)

A program not just for kids where Mr. Nimoy explains how films get made. (more)



Coral Jungle (1976) Host

Clips from Coral Jungle, a 1976 documentary series about life beneath the sea.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Basic Television Terms (1977)

Educational video about how TV is made.



In Search Of... (1976 -1982)
A.M. New York (Host 1973)

YouTube description: Photographer Philippe Halsman talks with Leonard Nimoy on A.M. New York. Aired November 12, 1973. Produced by Don Segall. Mr. Halsman photographed over 100 LIFE Magazine covers. Many of his photos are themselves iconic images. Video.

Update: As of November 5, 2010 I get the message that the video is no longer available in my region. US citizens should still be able to view it.