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Name Pluto's Moon Concluded

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — "Star Trek" fans, rejoice.

An online vote to name Pluto's two newest, itty-bitty moons is over. And No. 1 is Vulcan, a name suggested by actor William Shatner, who played Capt. Kirk in the original "Star Trek" TV series.

Vulcan snared nearly 200,000 votes among the more than 450,000 cast during the two-week contest, which ended Monday. In second place with nearly 100,000 votes was Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the gates of the underworld.

Vulcan was the Roman god of lava and smoke, and the nephew of Pluto. Vulcan was also the home planet of the pointy-eared humanoids in the "Star Trek" shows. Think Mr. Spock.

"174,062 votes and Vulcan came out on top of the voting for the naming of Pluto's moons. Thank you to all who voted!" Shatner said in a tweet once the tally was complete.

Actor Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed the reason- and logic-based Spock, had this to say in an email to The Associated Press: "If my people were emotional they would say they are pleased."

Source: Yahoo News. (Via)


William Shatner gets ‘Vulcan’ added to possible Pluto moon names

Vulcan Tops Online Voting to Name Pluto's Moons

Capt. Kirk's Vulcan entry wins Pluto moons contest

Star Trek’s William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy campaign to name Pluto’s moon Vulcan (Radio Times)

Spock, Kirk urge Trekkies to vote Vulcan as new name of Pluto moon (CNN)

Pluto Rocks (SETI Institute)


Live long and prosper: Vulcan wins vote to name Pluto moon

By Henry Hanks, CNN

Score one for Trekkers everywhere.

When two new moons were found near the dwarf planet Pluto, the SETI Institute asked the Internet to put it to a vote: What should they be named?

One of those names was Vulcan, best known in pop culture as the planet and alien species of Spock on "Star Trek."

Original "Trek" stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy took to Twitter to ask fans to vote for Vulcan.

According to the recently-posted results, it appears that Vulcan won by a wide margin. However, the final winner has not been officially announced.

Assuming that this vote total holds, we'll be looking at a real-life Vulcan orbiting Pluto in the next couple of months.

Source: CNN




Leonard Nimoy Lecture
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, Florida

Leonard Nimoy walked on the stage to a standing ovation. (Oh, my. Nineteen years of waiting for this moment. Can this be reality?) "You really must control your emotion," he smiled, settling the anxious audience into laughter.

Then he began to talk about the anticipated steps of Star Trek. It is a love story: boy meets girl, friendship, the admirable values in mankind. Our own history of the sixties and the steps that led to our successful space program. Gene Roddenberry's 1965 pilot of Star Trek, his concept of the Vulcan as intelligence in the unknown life of space; presenting an acceptable--difference--.

Audiences didn't take his ears seriously in the beginning, (forgive us, Mr. Nimoy. We were still steeped in custom, but change is inevitable, and we overdid it). After the show went on the air, he had to adjust to letters, phone calls, and our seeking him out. Magazins started calling him a sex symbol. (Yes, very intelligent and talented, too). He had fallen in love with Star Trek, the shows were good, although the press releases weren't always favorable.

After the series cancelled, he spoke of the movies he made, his involvements through 1972 when Star Trek began to grow again. Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon had changed people's attitudes. Local stations now buy the series from Paramount, and strip the shows with commercials. The show is now fresh in our minds, and we want more. "So I write a book called 'I Am Not Spock' with perfect--timing--."

It is an informative book, answering the questions of many Trekkers. But they don't know this and the book isn't going to sell. "There were other names suggested for the book, but there was a chapter called 'I Am Not Spock' which I suggested for the title." (Leonard Nimoy, you can yet sell your book. How much of a guaranteed order would you need to reprint? Many of us are interested.)

"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" was made, a story of the ship and nature which Star Trekkers loved. However, to the actors, the script didn't deal enough with the story characters. "We stood on the bridge for months: 'What is it?' --'I don't know'."

1986 is the twentieth anniversary of Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy has been full circle, from star to director; he cares very deeply about it. There will be another movie. The main original actors are included. Writers are on strike, but the movie should be in production next year. Also, when the next American space shuttle is built, "Enterprise II" is being considered for a name.

He has held us spellbound with his deep, clear voice. We've lived the past years again with him. We witnessed the magic in those slender fingers as he held them up in the Vulcan sign: hundreds of flashbulbs exploded, always followed by laughter. He took off his glasses for those who wanted that picture. Laughing with delight, he tells us he is a proud new Grandfather of Alex Nimoy Schwartz, born February 20th. We've laughed, applauded, or listened quietly following his thoughts and feelings. He has shared his personal philosophies with warmth and charm, answering our questions with knowledge and humor. He closes with a favorite poem from his book, "You & I". Perhaps the most important message has been a personal one between our beloved artist and his fans: "The magic is the same. He has not changed, and neither have we."

by Nancy J.

Source: The Leonard Nimoy Fan Club, Quest II, March/April 1985.


Popculture Reference


1981 Nimoy introduces 2013 PS4 in hilarious WTF retro mash-up ad

The tech world has been going nuts this week over the announcement of the Playstation 4—so who better to explain the hot new videogame console than ’80s-era Leonard Nimoy in this insane fan video?

This clip is pure WTF greatness, with retro-style effects and new videogame demo footage spliced around Nimoy explaining a piece of tech (the 1981 Magnavox DiscoVision) that looks like it should be woefully underpowered for the PS4’s insane spec sheet.

But hey, we’re not going to argue with Spock.

What makes this even cooler is that it’s a little reminiscent of Fringe, almost like a groovier version of William Bell introducing a hot piece of tech a few decades ago Over There. 

If anything can help Sony knock the Xbox off its perch, it’s the power of Nimoy.




Nude Photography by Leonard Nimoy

Biography by Suzanne MacNevin.


Out of Ether…

By Suzanne MacNevin / Updated September 2007.

Leonard Nimoy apparently Googles his own name from time to time. We now have his permission to show his artwork here.

That plus the word “photography” and he got this art history website. His first email to us was to inform me that he enjoyed my writing (Wow, what a great compliment!) and to mention his new photography book “The Full Body Project” that is being published in November 2007. Nimoy did some earlier photographic work of overweight women and got an incredible public response from it and decided to continue working with that idea. Nimoy says that ” most people will never look like the models selling the diets and the clothes” found in America’s billion dollar dieting industry.

Keeping Nimoy’s email address a secret is a bit of a challenge I have since learned. Suddenly nerds came out of the woodwork and demanded to see the email (in hopes of seeing the elusive email address). I didn’t know there were so many obsessed fans out there (I’ve also noticed fans tend to just call him “Spock” and seem to stutter over the syllables of Leonard Nimoy).

Nimoy admits he has being doing photography since his teenage years in the 1940s but I have yet to see his early works. He does his own chemical printing on sizes up to 16x20 inches (I presume he hires someone else to do larger sizes). He studied photography professionally during the 1970s but soon realized he had no interest in shooting commercial work for magazines/etc.

Most of the works on this site are from the Borghese Series and the Shekhina Project. I asked him about the names of individual pieces and he responded: ” My work is concept driven. I don’t usually name images. Just the subject matter.” Apparently he’s not worried about being able to tell the individual pieces apart somehow. (As a high school chemistry teacher I have enough problems just being able to tell which students is which.)

Nimoy says he is starting a new project in November on the topic of “Identity”, which he will shoot in Massachusetts. This coming from the man who’s autobiographies include titles like “I Am Not Spock” and its sequel “I Am Spock” suggests that Nimoy has been wrestling with the ideas of identity for 30+ years. I imagine not many people would be able to understand this identity problem better than Nimoy. Other actors in the past have encountered similar problems with identity: Peter Sellers for example was particularly dogged by the character of “Inspector Clouseau” from the Pink Panther series of films and even some of his non-Clouseau characters were expected to be funny & clumsy.

I feel however that Nimoy’s photographic works stand alone. Ignore the actor part of him. He was doing photography long before he was even hired to be on the original cast of Star Trek. From my perspective Leonard Nimoy’s photography is worthy of art history books and deserves to be mentioned in university classes about contemporary photography. This art history archive is a start.

Like most artists Nimoy is also struggling against a river of influence. The quest to become a famous artist (and therefore a successful one) is a challenge to all artists. While Nimoy has garnered fame in the form of an actor it is doubly difficult for him to be recognized as an artist because the legend of Spock has so eclipsed his life and livelihood.

Begging the question, does Leonard Nimoy go gallery-hopping? According to our curator Charles Moffat gallery-hopping is a hobby of artists/artsy-types wherein a person goes out for a night on the town and visits a string of galleries all in one night. I’ve done this a couple times and it is a lot of fun (free wine and cheese never hurt anybody!) and it is a great way to socialize with a whole artsy crowd. Its a great way to meet people in the business of art who appreciate beauty, and this applies to any artist.

And while Leonard Nimoy gallery-hopping could cause a bit of a stir amongst nerds I believe most people like myself (namely people who are ignorant to the whole Spock thing) will be much more intrigued by his artistic side.

Our curator also questioned whether Leonard Nimoy has business cards made for his photography. Someone that famous doesn’t really need a business card to identify what they do, right? But in this case Charles Moffat said it might be beneficial. When an artist meets someone they may or may not remember to give their name, and the person they are talking to may quickly forget the whole event and will neglect to check out the person’s artwork online. Passing out business cards is just a good way of giving people a reminder to go check out that website and enjoy the artwork offered there.

I did some checking up on the popularity of Nimoy’s photography website. Nimoy’s website is really popular in Arab countries (I think it is partially due to the name “Shekhina”). Its also quite popular in Finland, Spain and Chile. This says something to me: Leonard Nimoy is more famous as a photographer outside of North America.

In English speaking countries people tend to identify him as Spock.

Elsewhere he is Leonard Nimoy. Artist, director, actor. Not in any particular order. 

Source: The Art History Archive. (Via)



Fixed page from a script


Source: consolecadet


Before actually reading the article I thought at first glance this would be easy to translate. ...I've been [sic] since. (x)


In the new "Star Trek" movie the Enterprise has to save Earth

Privately Mr. Spock is a lot different

After a ten year absence the starship enterprise races with 218 times the speed of light through space and into cinemas: Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy face their biggest and most dangerous adventure in "Star Trek," a breathtaking tale set in space, which millions of Star Trek fans have waited for for years.

What they've been treated to for weeks in US cinemas is a real fireworks of technical finesse that gobbled up an enormous amount of money - namely a horrendous 42 million Dollars (about 75 million Mark)! That makes the science fiction near scare [if anyone knows how to translate "Grusical" I'd like to hear about it] the most expensive flick Hollywood ever produced. Resulting in excessive expectations in both, film executives and Star Trek followers.

As always, nothing short of the end of the world is at stake. Spock, half Vulcan-half Human, radiates superior intellect to avert such an apocalyptic event and keeps a level head.

Nimroy [sic] says about his part, "Spock, of course, is not unemotional. On the contrary. He just exerts excellent control. And that's what I like about him."

That's not only what he likes about Spock, it's also what he likes about himself. In his 48 years of life he, as it appears, has seldom slouched about. They say about him that he's an exceptionally patient man. In addition, he whips up a level of activity that's almost scary.

Times were hard as stale bread in the early years. Freshly married to emerging actress Sandi Zober, [Comment: "Aktrice" is used instead of "Schauspielerin" here. The word is not only outdated, but it comes with a condescending subtext, though the dictionary translates both as "actress"] Nimroy [sic] scratched along, acting occasionally in poor films and sold newspapers. In succession the children Julie and Adam were born. Nimroy [sic] worked like a horse. Success first raised its head in the early 60's when he was discovered by television. From then on things improved. In a zigzag course, though. Because Nimroy's [sic] talents are manifold.

1971, for example, photography captivated him. He bought a Japanese camera - and after only 18 months he published a photography book including poetry written by himself on the US market. If Nimroy [sic] sets his eyes on something, he sees it through. Since then four more books have been published, among them "We're All Children Searching for Love" and the autobiography "I'm Not Spock."

Nimroy [sic] didn't rest. He got a pilot's licence and promoted liberal George McGovern during his election campaign. At 44 he decided to go back to college, to graduate two years later with a degree in education. In between, consistently parts in film, television - and a suddenly flaring love for provincial theater. With bag and baggage he toured the country acting. It gained him experience, if not money, though.

Meanwhile, the Nimroy clan [sic] has settled down in a Hollywood style villa that once was home to Isadora Duncan and Rudolpho Valentino. You see: Nimroy [sic] made good.

Is he contented? "Heavens, no!" he starts laughing roughly. "The day I'm satisfied is my last..."



Left Page

[1.] "Star Trek" doesn't want to disappoint fans of the "Enterprise" who remember "their rascal" the way shown left and above.

[2.] Trusty space skippers: Nimroy [sic] and Shattner [sic]. - Right: New crew with new baldy (P. Khambatta)

Right Page

[1] Nimroy [sic] is an enthusiastic pilot and proud owner of a small aircraft.

[2.] Even as an amateur photographer Nimroy [sic] reaps success. Below[:] For 25 years Nimroy [sic] has been married to to Sandi. Daughter Julie is as almost as old.

[3.] Crucial test aboard the threatened "Enterprise:" Dr. McCoy (De Forest Kelley) accuses Spock of callousness. Capt. Kirk (W. Shatner) oversteps his authority and Spock demonstrates superiority.


Leroy? Lemon? Leonoid? Nimsy? Niman? (Reposting this just for the fun of it)


And here's another recent new creative pronunciation of that elusive name:


NRA's 'Enemy List '

I didn't post this at the time and for some reason it slipped my mind afterwards. Since then the list has been taken down. A copy is preserved at WayBackMachine and the last link has links to it being preserved in Google Cache.


National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies (aka THE LIST)

NRA List: With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Guns?

Who’s on the NRA’s enemies list? (Almost) Everyone!

NRA scrubs ‘anti-gun’ enemy list from website, but a version still exists

Shame In Their Game: NRA Scrubs Enemies List… Twice



Segment 2 with Leonard Nimoy starts at 9.20 min. YouTube description:

Segment 1: AIMS Media/Portafilms, "Right And Wrong And What's In Between", 1968.

Segment 2: Oxford Films, "The Importance Of Values", with Leonard Nimoy. 1974.

Segment 3: ACI, "Feather", 1973.

Tape credited to Trans-Atlantic Video, 1987.



The Hydrogen Age: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century (2004)


Leonard Nimoy narrates this wide-ranging documentary on hydrogen-based energy solutions in the United States and around the world—including systems that are fully operational as well as those currently in development. Visiting China, Germany, Iceland, and other countries, the program examines the PEM fuel cell and equipment that incorporates fuel cell technology, avoiding fossil fuel consumption and utilizing clean, renewable hydrogen. This dynamic and in-depth video gives special attention to energy advances that can help developing nations improve their economies while reducing pollution and environmental damage. (57 minutes)

Source: Films Media Group



Shatner, Nemoy [sic] Star Trek V GOOD ROCKIN' TONITE



DeForest Kelley answers the question what's it like to work with Leonard Nimoy at 4.27 min as actor and director.


I had a bit of time on my hands and look what happened. Loads of Francis Goes to Westpoint screencaps and stuff here and I wrote a summary too.



Nimoy trekking to town for play
Actor-writer will do Q-and-A after NCRT performance of his 'Vincent'

Not only is San Diego-area theater a national mecca for playgoers, but it seems to be becoming heaven for drama-loving Trekkies.

First George Takei helped launch (as well as acted in) the Old Globe's world-premiere musical "Allegiance," which set a box-office record at the Balboa Park theater last year.

Now Takei's long-ago "Star Trek" castmate, Leonard Nimoy, will be on hand at North Coast Repertory Theatre in Solana Beach when a revived version of his play "Vincent" gets a special one-night performance there.

The show takes place at 7:30 p.m. March 4. Nimoy, immortalized as Mr. Spock on the sci-fi TV series, will do a talkback session with the audience after the performance

Source: UT San Diego



OK, this is not really an interview but I have to put it somewhere and it has quotes in it. Though, the author doesn't give her sources for them. (They've probably been cobbled together from all over the internet.)

The article is from a magazine geared exclusively to female readers of a certain (stereo)type. While the occasion for the article seems to be his appearance in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, it focuses single mindedly on old news. But the topics of alcohol, divorce, unhappiness, and new love probably are still as relevant to that readership as they were to the readers of the 60's tabloids. (Plus, the readers of this magazine would arguably hardly be familiar with this particular actor past the pointed ears.) Read some of the old ones I've shared in the past and you hardly feel the time lapse of half a century. (x)

Star Trek Legend Leonard Nimoy

After 33 Years He Left His Family for a New Love

There are actors who appear to have been born to just to play a single part in their lifetime. Who again and again revisit their biggest success. Leonard Nimoy (78) absolutely is one of them. No matter how many characters he played throughout his career, no matter what else he did - he always will be "Mr. Spock," the Vulcan with the pointy ears and the ultra logical mind, who'll safely navigate the galaxy.

He's long since come to terms with this. This might be due to a natural equanimity fostered by age, or to love, which for Leonard Nimoy now is most important. Because he (re-)discovered it late in life. and because he left his family after 33 years for the woman of his dreams.

The son of Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine discovered his love for acting early in his childhood in Boston, already acting while still a knee-high boy in the theater and later studying the craft in college in his hometown. Still, in the 50's all his talent only sufficed to land him small roles on the stage and in front of the TV camera. But, since 1954, Leonard Nimoy already had to provide for a family. Because of this, in addition to rare engagements, he worked jobs as a taxi driver, sold vacuum cleaners and insurance policies, waited tables, and owned a pet store. Because at home his wife Sandy and the children July (today 54) and Adam (53) were waiting.

In 1966 the all redeeming call finally came. During preproduction for "Star Trek" the producers found they were in need of a "tall, lean man" to play the part of Spock. Casting director Joseph d'Agosta finally remembered a young actor named Leonard Nimoy. The rest is TV history...

In contrast to other enduring programs, "Star Trek" was produced "only" for three years (till 1969), but this was enough for the series and its cast to gain cult status, and Leonard Nimoy a carefree life. He made use of it to pursue his other passions. He started to sing, write poetry books, and to take photographs. And he felt something was missing from his life. He had lost love, life with his wife Sandy had become routine. Leonard Nimoy, for the time being, fled into alcohol. The actor confesses, "It started harmless with a few drinks after work. At first I drank only sporadically and not much. Then regularly and lots. Then each day and lots."

Last exit divorce - and the insight, "My first marriage failed not because of my alcoholism. Rather, I drank because things didn't work out with Sandy anymore."

A truly fated love

Arguably, it didn't work out anymore because Leonard Nimoy had found a person who really was there for him and gave him security: actress Susan Bay (now 66). A fated love there is no escaping from. "Mr. Spock": "We met for the first time in 1961 but ten lost sight of each other. Only 25 years later we met again and suddenly it all fell into place. Susan was single again, my marriage was just coming to an end."

One year after his divorce the pair married on New Year's day in 1989 - and has since been in love like from the first day on. Leonard Nimoy enthuses, "Susan spurs me on." For her, too, he officially retired in 2002 from film business, "I didn't need any of that anymore, I have a fulfilling life with my wife." Eventually, he briefly returned as "Spock" to the silver screen in 2008 for the eleventh "Star Trek" movie, but his life today is determined by something else, "To wake up and look forward to a new day with Susan."



Left Bar

[1.]He's obviously happy: in January 1985 he gets a star on Hollywood's famous "Walk of Fame," this being one of the few official tributes. This is exactly when the actor filmed the "Star Trek" movies. [Comment: I think what's inferred is that it's an award that counts in real life, not a "geek" one, by calling it one of his few "official" honors.]

[2.]Friends for Life: Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner met through "Star Trek" and immediately hit it off with each other. They even share afflictions: both suffer from tinnitus.

[3.] Leonard's Profile
Zodiac Sign: Aries, born March 26th 1931 in Boston Massachusetts (USA)
Professions: Actor, Writer, Singer
Languages: As son of Jewish immigrants he speaks Hebrew and Yiddish fluently.
Habits: He had his statistical life span calculated - and wears [sic] a clock that counts down the time left to him
Best Friend: "Captain Kirk" William Shatner (78)
Ailments: Tinnitus in the right ear, recovering alcoholic for almost 21 years
Assets: Millionaire because of "Mr. Spock," three homes in Los Angeles, New York, Northern California
Happiest Moment: "Waking up in the morning next to my wife Susan"
Awards: He was nominated three times for an Emmy award for playing "Mr. Spock," but never won.

Right Bar

One single role made him world famous and never let go of him. But Leonard Nimoy had more to offer.

[1.] "Star Trek:" Three years (1966-1969) as a TV-Vulcan made Leonard Nimoy (in the middle, next to "Scotty," James Doohan, l. and "Bones," DeForest Kelley, r.) famous.

[2.] "Mission Impossible:" Without pointed ears and with a decent haircut [Are you kidding me???] in 1970 Leonard (l.) functions as head of detectives Peter Lupus, Greg Morris, Peter Graves (from l.) [Dear mucky pup, you didn't even take the time to look up Mission Impossible on Wikipedia, did you?]

[3.] "David:" You almost wouldn't have recognized the TV-star in 1997 while filming the historical event TV movie where Leonard Nimoy played the biblical Prophet "Samuel"


Center from left to right

[1.] He had everything - and yet was unhappy for a long time. Until Leonard Nimoy drew the line and built himself a brand new life. One full of love...

[2.] Late happiness: Leonard Nimoy and his second wife Susan Bay. He's been married to her for almost 20 years.

[3.] Title, see above.

[4.] Leonard Nimoy (with Vulcan haircut) and his first wife Sandy at the end of the 70's [sic] Their marriage lasted 33 years.

[5.] "Mr. Spock made a millionaire out of me," confesses Leonard Nimoy and is proud of his dream villa.



From the ST III Review:

Although briefly back in the role that garnered him three successive Emmy nominations and made Mr. Spock, with his unflappable logic, a pop phenomenon, Leonard Nimoy this time spends most of his time behind the camera. As the director of The Search for Spock and knowing both the actors and their characters so well, he gets the best out of them while keeping the action at a brisk pace.

Source: The Leonard Nimoy Fan Club, Quest II, July/August 1985. The entire newsletters for July/August and September/October 1985 can be downloaded here.


Jan. 10, 1992. Nichelle Nichols receives her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and some encouragement from Leonard Nimoy.




West Point

"A clip from the DVD release of West Point: The Television Series, out Feb 26, 2013 from Timeless Media Group"

West Point
Originally broadcast on CBS from 1956 to 1957 and then on ABC from '57 to '58, this black-and-white drama was an anthology series of stories set in and around the titular military academy. Produced in full cooperation with the Department of Defense and the Army (which opened the school's files to the writers for material) West Point saw a number of famous (and soon to be famous) actors pass through its doors, including Larry Hagman, Clint Eastwood and Leonard Nimoy. It was also a training ground for a young writer named Gene Roddenberry who would go on to dream up a little show called Star Trek. Just imagine if he had cast Eastwood or Hagman as Spock instead of Nimoy...
Extras: None to speak of.

Source: Television Without Pity

Forgotten series from the1950s leads TV shows debuting on DVD

“West Point: The Television Series” (Timeless, 1956-57, b/w, four discs, $29.93, 39 episodes). Here’s a vintage television program with which I was completely unfamiliar, relating true stories of cadet experiences in and around the military academy of the title with a different cast each week.

The show ran for just one season at a time when anthologies were as common as reality shows are today. With location filming at West Point and well-written episodes starring competent actors, these remain enjoyable half-hour dramas.

Among the guest stars are Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, Barbara Eden, Robert Vaughn, Martin Milner, and as recurring characters, Leonard Nimoy and Chuck Connors. Future “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry wrote nine episodes.

Source: Deseret News



Valley Trekkies, prepare for warp speed
Library to screen Trek II and host Q&A with producer [Robert Sallin]

IME: What was it like working with Shatner, Nimoy and Montalban?
Ricardo Montelban was absolutely fantastic, a complete professional, total gentleman, an absolute joy to work with. Shatner and Nimoy had been around a long time, great actors, but they had a tendency to be a little casual. When Ricardo arrived, everything he did on his first day was first rate. He just nailed it. The next day, Shatner and Nimoy showed up on time, they had their lines learned. It was like they realized they had to play ball with an ace tennis player. Their performance sharpened right up. But they were all great guys.

Source: Idaho Mountain Express



I'm back again. I've been to the hospital to have my nasal septum corrected. I'll spare you the details. Believe me, you want me to. My visitors wanted me to, after taking one look at me. Today the splints were removed and I finally can breath normal again, and I'll finally be able to sleep again!

My apologies for the lack of updates and mails. At the hospital all internet access was blocked, except for one hotspot, which was located in the emergency room waiting area. Most of the time, though, I wasn't feeling up to going there. I needed all the oxygen I could get to just exist :)

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