OK, this is not really an interview but I have to put it somewhere and it has quotes in it. Though, the author doesn't give her sources for them. (They've probably been cobbled together from all over the internet.)

The article is from a magazine geared exclusively to female readers of a certain (stereo)type. While the occasion for the article seems to be his appearance in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, it focuses single mindedly on old news. But the topics of alcohol, divorce, unhappiness, and new love probably are still as relevant to that readership as they were to the readers of the 60's tabloids. (Plus, the readers of this magazine would probably hardly be familiar with this particular actor past the pointed ears.) Read some of the old ones I've shared in the past and you hardly feel the time lapse of half a century.


Star Trek Legend Leonard Nimoy

After 33 Years He Left His Family for a New Love

There are actors who appear to have been born to just to play a single part in their lifetime. Who again and again revisit their biggest success. Leonard Nimoy (78) absolutely is one of them. No matter how many characters he played throughout his career, no matter what else he did - he always will be "Mr. Spock," the Vulcan with the pointy ears and the ultra logical mind, who'll safely navigate the galaxy.

He's long since come to terms with this. This might be due to a natural equanimity fostered by age, or to love, which for Leonard Nimoy now is most important. Because he (re-)discovered it late in life. and because he left his family after 33 years for the woman of his dreams.

The son of Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine discovered his love for acting early in his childhood in Boston, already acting while still a knee-high boy in the theater and later studying the craft in college in his hometown. Still, in the 50's all his talent only sufficed to land him small roles on the stage and in front of the TV camera. But, since 1954, Leonard Nimoy already had to provide for a family. Because of this, in addition to rare engagements, he worked jobs as a taxi driver, sold vacuum cleaners and insurance policies, waited tables, and owned a pet store. Because at home his wife Sandy and the children July (today 54) and Adam (53) were waiting.

In 1966 the all redeeming call finally came. During preproduction for "Star Trek" the producers found they were in need of a "tall, lean man" to play the part of Spock. Casting director Joseph d'Agosta finally remembered a young actor named Leonard Nimoy. The rest is TV history...

In contrast to other enduring programs, "Star Trek" was produced "only" for three years (till 1969), but this was enough for the series and its cast to gain cult status, and Leonard Nimoy a carefree life. He made use of it to pursue his other passions. He started to sing, write poetry books, and to take photographs. And he felt something was missing from his life. He had lost love, life with his wife Sandy had become routine. Leonard Nimoy, for the time being, fled into alcohol. The actor confesses, "It started harmless with a few drinks after work. At first I drank only sporadically and not much. Then regularly and lots. Then each day and lots."

Last exit divorce - and the insight, "My first marriage failed not because of my alcoholism. Rather, I drank because things didn't work out with Sandy anymore."

A truly fated love

Arguably, it didn't work out anymore because Leonard Nimoy had found a person who really was there for him and gave him security: actress Susan Bay (now 66). A fated love there is no escaping from. "Mr. Spock": "We met for the first time in 1961 but ten lost sight of each other. Only 25 years later we met again and suddenly it all fell into place. Susan was single again, my marriage was just coming to an end."

One year after his divorce the pair married on New Year's day in 1989 - and has since been in love like from the first day on. Leonard Nimoy enthuses, "Susan spurs me on." For her, too, he officially retired in 2002 from film business, "I didn't need any of that anymore, I have a fulfilling life with my wife." Eventually, he briefly returned as "Spock" to the silver screen in 2008 for the eleventh "Star Trek" movie, but his life today is determined by something else, "To wake up and look forward to a new day with Susan."



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[1.]He's obviously happy: in January 1985 he gets a star on Hollywood's famous "Walk of Fame," this being one of the few official tributes. This is exactly when the actor filmed the "Star Trek" movies. [Comment: I think what's inferred is that it's an award that counts in real life, not a "geek" one, by calling it one of his few "official" honors.]

[2.]Friends for Life: Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner met through "Star Trek" and immediately hit it off with each other. They even share afflictions: both suffer from tinnitus.

[3.] Leonard's Profile
Zodiac Sign: Aries, born March 26th 1931 in Boston Massachusetts (USA)
Professions: Actor, Writer, Singer
Languages: As son of Jewish immigrants he speaks Hebrew and Yiddish fluently.
Habits: He had his statistical life span calculated - and wears [sic.] a clock that counts down the time left to him
Best Friend: "Captain Kirk" William Shatner (78)
Ailments: Tinnitus in the right ear, recovering alcoholic for almost 21 years
Assets: Millionaire because of "Mr. Spock," three homes in Los Angeles, New York, Northern California
Happiest Moment: "Waking up in the morning next to my wife Susan"
Awards: He was nominated three times for an Emmy award for playing "Mr. Spock," but never won.

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One single role made him world famous and never let go of him. But Leonard Nimoy had more to offer.

[1.] "Star Trek:" Three years (1966-1969) as a TV-Vulcan made Leonard Nimoy (in the middle, next to "Scotty," James Doohan, l. and "Bones," DeForest Kelley, r.) famous.

[2.] "Mission Impossible:" Without pointed ears and with a decent haircut [Are you kidding me???] in 1970 Leonard (l.) functions as head of detectives Peter Lupus, Greg Morris, Peter Graves (from l.) [Dear mucky pup, you didn't even take the time to look up Mission Impossible on Wikipedia, did you?]

[3.] "David:" You almost wouldn't have recognized the TV-star in 1997 while filming the historical event TV movie where Leonard Nimoy played the biblical Prophet "Samuel"


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[1.] He had everything - and yet was unhappy for a long time. Until Leonard Nimoy drew the line and built himself a brand new life. One full of love...

[2.] Late happiness: Leonard Nimoy and his second wife Susan Bay. He's been married to her for almost 20 years.

[3.] Title, see above.

[4.] Leonard Nimoy (with Vulcan haircut) and his first wife Sandy at the end of the 70's [sic.] Their marriage lasted 33 years.

[5.] "Mr. Spock made a millionaire out of me," confesses Leonard Nimoy and is proud about his dream villa.