Before actually reading the article I thought at first glance this would be easy to translate. ...I've been [sic] since.



In the new "Star Trek" movie the Enterprise has to save Earth

Privately Mr. Spock is a lot different

After a ten year absence the starship enterprise races with 218 times the speed of light through space and into cinemas: Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy face their biggest and most dangerous adventure in "Star Trek," a breathtaking tale set in space, which millions of Star Trek fans have waited for for years.

What they've been treated to for weeks in US cinemas is a real fireworks of technical finesse that gobbled up an enormous amount of money - namely a horrendous 42 million Dollars (about 75 million Mark)! That makes the science fiction near scare [if anyone knows how to translate "Grusical" I'd like to hear about it] the most expensive flick Hollywood ever produced. Resulting in excessive expectations in both, film executives and Star Trek followers.

As always, nothing short of the end of the world is at stake. Spock, half Vulcan-half Human, radiates superior intellect to avert such an apocalyptic event and keeps a level head.

Nimroy [sic] says about his part, "Spock, of course, is not unemotional. On the contrary. He just exerts excellent control. And that's what I like about him."

That's not only what he likes about Spock, it's also what he likes about himself. In his 48 years of life he, as it appears, has seldom slouched about. They say about him that he's an exceptionally patient man. In addition, he whips up a level of activity that's almost scary.

Times were hard as stale bread in the early years. Freshly married to emerging actress Sandi Zober, [Comment: "Aktrice" is used instead of "Schauspielerin" here. The word is not only outdated, but it comes with a condescending subtext, though the dictionary translates both as "actress"] Nimroy [sic] scratched along, acting occasionally in poor films and sold newspapers. In succession the children Julie and Adam were born. Nimroy [sic] worked like a horse. Success first raised its head in the early 60's when he was discovered by television. From then on things improved. In a zigzag course, though. Because Nimroy's [sic] talents are manifold.

1971, for example, photography captivated him. He bought a Japanese camera - and after only 18 months he published a photography book including poetry written by himself on the US market. If Nimroy [sic] sets his eyes on something, he sees it through. Since then four more books have been published, among them "We're All Children Searching for Love" and the autobiography "I'm Not Spock."

Nimroy [sic] didn't rest. He got a pilot's licence and promoted liberal George McGovern during his election campaign. At 44 he decided to go back to college, to graduate two years later with a degree in education. In between, consistently parts in film, television - and a suddenly flaring love for provincial theater. With bag and baggage he toured the country acting. It gained him experience, if not money, though.

Meanwhile, the Nimroy clan [sic] has settled down in a Hollywood style villa that once was home to Isadora Duncan and Rudolpho Valentino. You see: Nimroy [sic] made good.

Is he contented? "Heavens, no!" he starts laughing roughly. "The day I'm satisfied is my last..."



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[1.] "Star Trek" doesn't want to disappoint fans of the "Enterprise" who remember "their rascal" the way shown left and above.

[2.] Trusty space skippers: Nimroy [sic] and Shattner [sic]. - Right: New crew with new baldy (P. Khambatta)

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[1] Nimroy [sic] is an enthusiastic pilot and proud owner of a small aircraft.

[2.] Even as an amateur photographer Nimroy [sic] reaps success. Below[:] For 25 years Nimroy [sic] has been married to to Sandi. Daughter Julie is as almost as old.

[3.] Crucial test aboard the threatened "Enterprise:" Dr. McCoy (De Forest Kelley) accuses Spock of callousness. Capt. Kirk (W. Shatner) oversteps his authority and Spock demonstrates superiority.