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Just some NuSpock fluff. (more/close)





Just because everything's changing
Doesn't mean it's never
Been this way before



Download it here (ca. 75 MB).

Betrayal is the theme. Whatever the relationship may have been or might have developed into, the impact caught Spock cold. Watch at your own discretion. (more/close)



I guess this video is half-slash since my co-editor was very big on the genre. How you'll view it depends on what you'll want to see in it. For both of us it was the perfect sad song that fit the movie like no other.

Forever is our today. Who waits forever anyway... (more/close)

Much has been written in fan fiction on how Spock took the change of command on the Enterprise and in time became friends with its new captain and crew. My own private challenge was to use only scenes up to "Galileo Seven" since the episode seems to qualify as a turning point on how the crew came to view their first officer. (more/close)



A tribute to the series that started it all.





My first music video, done in the 1990's.

A Kirk video from a Spock fan - go figure.




'Do you think Spock is incomplete without Kirk?' LN: "Well, I think Spock needs an environment within which to function, to make himself useful. Kirk is an initiator of action. And therefore, if there's a need either way, I would say that Spock needs to have the initiator in order to be useful in the project that the initiator initiates. Shatner: Where No Man, p 189.(more/close)
At the beginning of ST VI their roles were effectively reversed, it seems. Spock had become the initiator of change/growth/action, much as Nimoy's career went from actor to director. But, as he has always done, in the end Spock stands at Kirk's side.