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Sherlock & John: Color Me In

A tribute to my newest addiction.


Tribute to Scrat

Saluting a great - and persistant - little guy. (more/close)




Mission Impossible: Small Town

This mainly is a video for the Mission Impossible episode Homecoming and Jim Phelps. There is a bit of Paris in it, but not nearly enough, I feel, to group it with the Leonard Nimoy music videos. (more/close)


Lost: Worst Seat on the Plane

Humor. (more/close)



Robin Hood, BBC: Hold Back the Night

Marian tried to make the world a better place. But sometimes the means do not justify the end, or do they? (more/close)

Not available at the moment



Heroes: End of the Innocence

Chronicling the events from Distractions to Parasite. (more/close)




Slings & Arrows: Stand

Geoffrey Tennant's bumpy and bruising journey back to the stage