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Not My Job: Leonard Nimoy, September 20, 2008 on NPR

"Actor Leonard Nimoy plays our game called "You're not that Spock, either." Three questions for Mr. Spock about the expertise of Dr. Spock, child-rearing."

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12 Weird and Awkward Eighties MTV Videos We Swore We’d Hallucinated

Bangles, “Going down to Liverpool”

 Leonard Nimoy played the Bangles’ driver as a favor to his son, who was a college buddy of Susanna Hoffs. Not surprisingly, then, this video is a masterpiece of Awkward Interaction With Your Friend’s Dad, with lots of strained moments, side-eye, and Nimoy pulling “WTF” expressions — all of it, of course, totally sweet in its own way. Plus, at two minutes in, the car stops in a tunnel, and for about twenty seconds, it seems entirely possible that Nimoy has driven the Bangles there to kill them.

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Director: Star Trek III

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Original caption:Actress Paulette Goddard, widow of author Erich Maria Remarque, producer-director Otto Preminger (rear), and actor Leonard Nimoy discuss the play Full Circle during the first day of rehearsals at the Anta Theatre on September 10. Full Circle, the only play by Remarque, stars Nimoy and Bibi Andersson and is being directed by Preminger. It is scheduled for a November 7th opening at the Anta Theatre.”



Meeting Nimoy/Sighting

Who is the coolest person that came to see your show? (You can’t say your family!)
Oh my god, this is the easiest thing. During the Hula sequence, the lights come up and we can see where the fancy seats are. I’m singing and I see Zachary Quinto, who I’ve met several times through a mutual friend, and Leonard Nemoy. The two Spocks were sitting together. They came together. It’s like Old Spock called New Spock and said, “Do you want to see The Nance?” I lost my mind. My brothers and I watched Star Trek like crazy. We used to go to Trekkie conventions. To see the two of them together and then backstage. I took a picture with the two Spocks. It was one of the coolest days of my life.

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