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Selected Shorts

Selected Shorts 2012: Objects of Desire

Date: Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4, 2012
Time: 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Saturday; 3:00 p.m. on Sunday
Location: Getty Center, Harold M. Williams Auditorium
Admission: Tickets $20, students/seniors $15. Call (310) 440-7300 or use the "Get Tickets" buttons below.

The hit public-radio series returns for its annual weekend of live performance at the Getty. A great lineup of actors from stage and screen read funny, passionate, and mysterious classic and modern tales about objects of desire. Historical, religious, magical, humorous, beloved, or bewitched—every object tells a story.

Stuff Happens
Saturday, March 3 at 3:00 p.m.

"The Bureau" by J. Robert Lennon, performed by Kirsten Vangsness

"The Empty Room" by Jonathan Lethem, performed by Tate Donovan

"Why Don't You Dance?" by Raymond Carver, performed by Corey Stoll

"In the Reign of Harad IV" by Steven Millhauser, performed by Leonard Nimoy

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Look who's also posting some Sherlock Holms! That made my day. Nightshift doesn't agree with me and it took me a while to get out of that tired limbo and energetic enough to do something for the page. This one certainly got me kick-started.


This & That

A picture of Mr. Nimoy directing The Good Mother can be found here. The story that goes with it here.

Seaman in 3D? Read about it here and here or here. (Spotted by Grace. Many thanks.)


The Dr. Who Movie Mr. Nimoy Never Directed

While reading up on Benedict Cumberbatch I found out that he was asked to play Dr. Who in the British TV series but declined to do so. From a few interviews I remembered that Mr. Nimoy was approached to direct a Dr. Who movie adapted to a U.S. audience by Denny Martin Flinn who also had a hand in writing Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. What I didn't know so far was why the movie never got off the ground. Amused by this second coincidence after both were involved with a project about Vincent van Gogh, I thought this was as good a time as any to find out. To my surprise I learned that there had been more than just talk but that the production company had let the rights slip at the last moment. Read more about it here.

In Search Of... Coming to DVD

In Search of... - DVD Plans for the Legendary '70s Series Narrated by Leonard Nimoy
Just licensed by VEI, with plans for the USA and Canada
Posted by David Lambert

In some other news today, we mentioned that our contacts at Visual Entertainment Inc. (VEI) of Toronto were back in the office now, following "some recent travel to sign a couple of deals for other upcoming home video titles." One of these is for USA and Canadian DVD sets of the legendary '70s show starring Leonard Nimoy, In Search Of..., which he took up following his roles on the original Star Trek as "Spock," his addition to Mission: Impossible as "Paris," and his return to playing "Spock" on Star Trek: The Animated Series. Nimoy narrated the program through 146 episodes which examined the scientific, the supernatural, the historical, and the mythical. Topics included "Ancient Aviators," "The Bermuda Triangle," "Bigfoot," "Killer Bees," "Martians," "Nazi Plunder," "Amelia Earhart," "Dracula," "UFOs," "Inca Treasures" and "The Magic of Stonehenge"...and those are just examples from the first season out of six!

VEI informed me today that they have licensed the North American rights to the complete series of the program, with the only issue being that a pair of episodes have not been fully cleared from a legal standpoint for home video release. One of these episodes is "In Search of... Lee Harvey Oswald," concerning the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy: the famous Zapruder film of the actual shooting would require separate clearance, which VEI is going to look into but - as the deal for the show itself has just been completed! - cannot guarantee yet that they'll be able to affordably do. Time will tell. VEI hopes to have the title out before this year is over, but it's too early to set a solid timeline on it, of course. Even if we have to wait until next year, it's GREAT to know that this highly-wanted program is finally on its way to home video. Want to get even MORE excited about this item? VEI is in talks with Leonard Nimoy to participate in bonus material for the DVDs, which hopefully would include "recent updates" to the topics of each installment, considering that knowledge would have grown in the past 4 decades for much of this. We're VERY excited over here, and we know you are, too! It may be quite a while before we have any, but stay tuned for updates as further developments occur.

Source: TV Shows On DVD

Sounds great, if it goes through. It makes me wonder, though, if we'll see a purge of the shows that right now can be watched on YouTube which reawakened interest in In Search Of... in the first place and put it back onto the public's radar.

Interviews & More

spock_is_human_after_all_04Bonanza Ad

Plus the awkward moment you know you'll need a vacation when...



Oh those tabloids...arrow_up

Leonard has never felt comfortable revealing the more emotional side of his nature. He is most at home as the rational, articulate, and informed father, citizen, professional, etc. Some friends have even intimated that his portrayal of Spock in Star Trek was modeled along the lines of his own self-image.

- Leonard Nimoy's Nights At Those Wild Hypnosis Parties!







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Picture of the Day


Behind the Scenes on Invasion of the Body Snatchers

on_the_set_of_invasion_of_the_body_snatchers_03 on_the_set_of_invasion_of_the_body_snatchers_02



In this interview (note the headline) two other articles are criticized as examples that blow a remark out of proportion or distort it for sensationalism. See here and here. 

My apologies for being braindead when I posted this and my thanks to Jackie for noticing. The article is located here on Tumbler.

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