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William Bell

This third season is awash with interesting cases, stand-out episodes and sequences (the computer generated ‘cartoon’ segment is an absolute joy), and a forking arc that threatens to blow your fragile little mind (that said, SOUL MAGNETS?! Really?). Some of the season’s best moments come from neither universe at all, in fact, but are instead the by-product of a backstory that is almost as interesting as the struggle at hand. The relationship between Walter and William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) is endlessly compelling, and any insight into their past is always very welcome. Flashing back to the characters’ youth, we serve witness to events that we have to this point only heard about; it is a decision that helps to flesh out a very engaging story that is forever on the move.

Source for the review: http://www.heyuguys.co.uk/2011/09/30/fringe-season-three-blu-ray-review/

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Interviews: Star Trek Story (1996)


Interview snippets with Mr. Nimoy approximately in Part 1 (1.15 + 3.20 + 7.10 +8.04 - 10.16 + 10.52 min.), Part 2 ( 8.50 + 11.30 min.) and Part 3, (3.45 +6.05 + 8.38 min.)



This drawing references Mr. Nimoy's Twitter message about a bear breaking into his house further down.

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OMG Mr. Nimoy! I’m your huge fan!

um…Mr. nimoy are you sleeping now?


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The Hammer Museum’s annual Gala in the Garden drew a lively crowd of supporters of the Westwood museum and its works gathered to honor “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening and artist Lari Pittman in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

Included in the crowd of celebrities and art enthusiasts were Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin Ferrell, David LaChapelle, Frank Gehry, Monique Lhuillier, Gina Gershon, Jenni Kayne, Eli and Edythe Broad, Ruth and Jake Bloom, Maria and William Bell and Leonard Nimoy.

Source: The Wall Street Journal & Women’s Wear Daily

Creation Con Las Vegas 2011

by Bonnie Moss

I was 16 rows back on the aisle, so I was pleased given that the main room was HUGE! There were ‘break out ‘ sessions in other large rooms during the con with something going on somewhere all the time! The crowds were handled well overall, virtually no wait time to register and the hotel was very nice. My main complaint would be that so much was going on, that you had to choose someappearances over others, as many were scheduled at the same time! (Leonard and Bill were exceptions to this.) So - I saw Nichelle, Sir Patrick, Walter, Brent Spiner, James Darren, David Warner, Grace Lee, Kate Mulgrew, etc. but missed George, Jonathan  Frakes, Robin Curtis, etc. I enjoyed the guest star panels—saw two out of three of those.

Of course Bill and Leonard packed the house. I also bumped into Bill in the VooDoo lounge party once or twice and we saw him filming his documentary several times. He panned the audience with the cameras at the end, where he gave us signs to hold up. Continue reading here.

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Leonard Nimoy Retrospective Exhibit on July 29, 2010

by Bobbie Reno

I had the pleasure of attending the Leonard Nimoy Retrospective Exhibit of Leonard's photography at the R.Michelson Galleries in Northampton, MA on July 29, 2010. The R.Michelson Galleries is a beautiful place filled with gorgeous works of art.  The highlight of all the works displayed there are Leonard Nimoy's photographs. I had the thrill of meeting Leonard at the Retrospective and discovering it is true that Leonard is a man of grace, intelligence, kindness and diverse talents; a rare gem of a man. I felt moved to be standing talking with this wonderful gentleman while amongst his beautiful photographs. Each of Leonard's photography projects were represented; from Shekhina, Full Body Project, Black and White Series, Self Portrait and Hand Series, Borghese Series, Landscapes and Egg Series Classic Nudes and Dance Series, Early Work, to Secret Selves.  All of these photographs can be purchased through the R.Michelson Galleries.

The photograph is graciously autographed by Leonard and Richard Michelson. That's Richard sitting on the table and that is I on the right holding a copy of the Secret Selves Catalogue that Leonard signed.  We are looking at a newspaper article from the Albany, NY Times Union, dated July 29, 2010, on Leonard's photography. I brought the paper with me that day and gave it to Leonard. He was thrilled and thanked me several times over for bringing it to him.

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Please have a look at www.rmichelson.com/Artist_Pages/Nimoy/pages/Leonard-Nimoy-Gallery.html to learn more about Mr. Nimoy's photography.

Roberta Reno has been an active fan for a long time. The cover for the LNAF 69-70 (Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans) yearbook and other illustrations were done by her.

Me and Beyond Spock

Sometimes I'm asked if Mr. Nimoy knows about this website. About that I can say this - I have it on good authority that he's been sent a link to Beyond Spock by a person whose judgment he would respect, even before I worked up the nerve to twitter him the link to the page congratulating him to his 80th birthday. But, recognition by him is not something I would expect to happen anytime soon.

When I started the page I had to decide what direction to take. Would I like to pursue getting in contact with Mr. Nimoy and gain his approval or would I like to focus my efforts on the needs of his fans. I chose the latter. And therein lies the dilemma, even in the case that Mr. Nimoy might have liked some of what he saw if he chose to have a peak. The Internet is murky waters and people on the production side of media content have a different angle on seeing their product uploaded to, say, YouTube or any other outlet, than those of us enjoying to have/gain access to it.

Also, would I have displayed some of the magazine articles that I have? Since some of them give me the urge to apologize to him for digging them out of the gutter again, maybe not. But, they're part of the picture and allow insight into what is involved in getting (suddenly) famous, some of the toll it takes, and how public perception of Mr. Nimoy has changed through the decades.

Last but not least, a very, very big Thank You! to all who have contributed to the success of this page and those of you who have let me know that they've enjoyed what they found here. A little pat on the back now and then always helps one going. To put a face to yours truly, this is me at the convention in London in 2004 (trying very hard not to blink and be caught with eyes half closed), being one of the many people at the photo op. With no idea that I would go online with this page a few years later in 2009.

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2006 MCM Expo Interview in London about The Full Body Project. (Found by Grace. Thank you so much.)


Emmy Awards


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EMMYS: Fox Nixes Alec Baldwin Joke About News Corp Phone-Hacking Scandal In Opening Bit; Baldwin Walks, Replaced By Leonard Nimoy

EXCLUSIVE: The opening video for tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards on News Corp-owned Fox was supposed to feature 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin playing a fictional president of television. But after a joke about News Corp topper Rupert Murdoch and the ongoing UK phone-hacking scandal involving his media empire was cut from the pretaped bit, Baldwin pulled out. He was replaced at the last minute by Star Trek veteran Leonard Nimoy, who re-did the skit sans the News Corp joke. Baldwin vaguely referenced the incident in a Sept. 17 tweet. “I did a short Emmy pretape a few days ago. Now they tell me News Corp may cut the funniest line.” Sources say that Baldwin worked with the writers who penned the script for the skit. He taped it, but after hearing that the Murdoch joke was being cut, he told the network that he prefers if the bit with him doesn’t air at all.

Source: deadline.com



On this website you can find a letter written by Mr. Nimoy after a visit to Washington, representing Star Trek at a meeting of the national Space Club. It is mentioned also in this TV Guide article.

After the first season of Star Trek the NBC sales department pounded the pavement hitting up agencies for new ad revenue.  One of the weapons in their arsenal was a letter distributed to the sales staff for client calls. See below for the original correspondence, written by Leonard Nimoy to Gene Roddenberry.


Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Goldblum And Leonard Nimoy Flock To South Africa's First 3D Animated Film

Zambezia recently snared the voice talents of Samuel L Jackson, Jeff Goldblum, Abigail Breslin, and Leonard Nimoy. This is not only an impressive lineup, but nicely works into the tried-and-true formula for animated fare. It is not enough for an animated film to pile on as many big names as humanly possible; those actors also have to be blessed with distinct voices that allow the audience to connect with their unique characters. Jackson, Nimoy, and Goldblum definitely have that going for them, and as for Breslin, it’s always good to have a young actor/actress on the roster to lend a genuine spark to the naïve upstart character.

The plot of Zambezia revolves around a young falcon who is forced to defend his fellow birds of prey and the sanctuary in which they live. The title of the film comes from the Zambezi waterfalls in Africa where the film is set-- they're known better here as the Victoria Falls. The most recent animated film about talking birds to be released in theaters was this year’s Rio, which did only marginally well here in the States ($143 million) but made an absolute killing in the foreign markets. ($340 million). It will be interesting to see how an international animated picture does both in the U.S. and worldwide. It may attract a few extra ticket sales based on the added novelty element of being South Africa’s first 3D animated film.

Source: Cinema Blend

Found by Grace. Many thanks.

Story's set in Africa on the edge of the Zambezi waterfalls in a bird sanctuary led by the wise and battle-tested Fish Eagle Sekhuru (voiced by Nimoy). The film follows a young flying daredevil falcon who leaves to join the Hurricane defense flyers.

Source: Variety



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Wish I could go there.


Two Spocks Share 'Secret Selves' on Hammer Stage

Two “Spocks”—Leonard Nimoy from the Star Trek TV series and Zachary Quinto of the Star Trek movie—united for a lecture at the Hammer Museum on acting and discovering your true self.

The lecture, titled Secret Selves, was a discussion on celebrity, the separation of self (or selves), and the concept behind Nimoy’s photographic exhibit, also called Secret Selves. Nimoy appeared onstage Tuesday night to a burst of applause and jokingly waved it away with a Vulcan salute.


After introductions at the Hammer, Nimoy screened a 40-minute documentary-style video that captured 25 of these portrait sessions. Some of the subjects were charmingly self-aware of their own zaniness, such as a children’s book author dressed as a mad scientist with a briefcase filled with inane objects like a “light up blue thing.” Most looked as if they were just having fun, but a few, like the downtrodden lesbian and the domestic abuse victim, were inspiring. One woman posed in her old Junior League suit complete with pearls and boxing gloves.

After the screening, Nimoy and Quinto sat down and jokingly began their Q&A session by sharing the little known fact that one thing they had in common was that both of their fathers were barbers. They interviewed each other about their respective paths to fame and how their roles as Spock affected their personal lives.

Source: http://centurycity.patch.com

I got to go to a discussion/conversation with Leonard Nimoy and Zak Quinto for Nimoy’s newest photo essay Secretive Selves. It was pretty incredible. At first we watched a short film that gave us some insight to 25 of the hundreds of people he met/photographed and what kind of secretive self they had. Most of them were rather humorous and others were touching in their own way. I really enjoyed myself however, the audience Q&A lacked good,well thought out questions and two ladies were extremely rude towards Nimoy and Quinto at one point. The very last question took the cake though..it started out smart and well thought out and it eventually turned into a question about Nimoy’s hit song of the 60’s The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. My little bro flipped because he wanted to ask so much about that song. It was an ultimate geek moment. Such a great night and it was all free :D

Source: therealmegumi.tumblr.com



Leonard and Susan Nimoy were spotted at the "'Art of All Things' dinner and art auction" benefitting the Tahoe Fund.


[A] new environmental nonprofit launched last August. The Tahoe Fund raises private sector money and partners with public agencies in restoring and improving the extraordinary natural and recreational resources of Lake Tahoe. Proceeds from the benefit event will assist the new organization, which seeks to help fund bike trails, parks, restoration projects, interpretive programs, and other amenities that people use and enjoy around Lake Tahoe.

The evening was also a green event, from the color of the money it raised (more than $200,000) to the zero-waste commitment by the event organizers to cut down on the trash generated. After guests mingled on the lawn during the social hour and silent auction, everyone sat down by the water's edge to an exceptionally delicious dinner created by five of the most celebrated chefs from the Bay Area and Reno/Tahoe area.

Source: Sierra Sun and Truckee Envirolution


George Takei talks about his new series on Nickelodeon, Supah Ninjas, in this interview and Leonard Nimoy also gets a mention.

Do you still see Leonard Nimoy (Spock) at all?
“Yes, I see him fairly regularly and we are political compatriots. As a matter of fact, when the human rights campaign decided to give me the equality award for my campaign for equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, Leonard was the one who gave me the award and then he said some glowing, laudatory lies about me! [Laughs] So yeah, he’s a very good friend.”


2007 HRC SF Bay Area Gala Dinner

The 2007 Dinner was held on July 14th, 2007 at The Bill Graham Auditorium. The event was one of most well attended dinners with over 1000 guests. Dinner Co-Chairs Micah Dickerson and Rebecca Heaps assembled a great team of over 100 volunteers to produce the dinner event. Our keynote speaker of the evening was Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate Senator John Edwards. The show included a performance by Curt Branom from Beach Blanket Babylon and one of the stars of Teatro Zinzanni, Mat Plendl. Our Equality Award winner, George Tekai [sic.], of Star Trek fame, was presented his award by colleague and long time friend Leonard Nimoy. Our VIP Afterparty was hosted once again by our incredible MEDIA SPONSOR, ENERGY 92.7FM and the whole evening was hosted by those crazy morning show guys, FERNANDO AND GREG.

Source: Human Rights Campaign


William Shatner's Favorite Moment While Shooting Star Trek V, Dragon Con 2011.


Leonard Nimoy with Cinematographer Adam Greenberg, Three Men and A Baby, 1987.







In this upcoming event at the Hammer museum on the 13th of September Mr. Nimoy will talk about his work on the Secret Selves project. Interestinly, they also list Zachary Quinto.

Leonard Nimoy's Secret Selves

Q&A with Zach Quinto (Heroes, Star Trek)
Actor turned photographer/folk anthropologist Leonard Nimoy discusses his photographic project, Secret Selves. Inspired by the Greek mythological idea that ever since Zeus split humans in two each person has been searching for his or her other half to feel complete, Nimoy asked subjects to reveal their hidden halves in front of his camera. The result is a collection of more than 100 portraits and interviews that explore humanity’s alternate self. Nimoy will discuss what was revealed about his own secret self while capturing others’.

The Annenberg Space for Photography IRIS Nights Lecture Series two days later focuses more on his previous work Shekhina and The Full Body Project.

Leonard Nimoy
Goddess: An Exploration of the Divine and the Secular Forms of Beauty

Thursday, September 15, 6:30-8:00pm
Online registration for this even begins Wednesday, September 7 at 12pm PT and Thursday, September 8 at 9:30am PT.

Leonard Nimoy studied photography at UCLA under Robert Heineken in the early 1970s and produced a body of work that was published in two volumes of poetry. In 2001, his artist in residence appointment at the American Academy in Rome resulted in a series of provocative images inspired by the Antonio Canova sculpture of Countess Paulina Bonaparte Borghese, whose semi-nude posture created such a royal scandal in the 1800’s that the Count had it locked away.

Nimoy’s first photographic monograph, “Shekhina,” published in 2002, explored feminine power using models of the “classic” body type. In “Maximum Beauty,” his June 2005 exhibition in New York City, focused on our culture’s perception of beauty. “Maximum Beauty” examined female power of an altogether different variety - joyful images of large bodied women. These photographs revealed proud, self-confident ladies who were comfortable in their own skin and challenged society’s rigid definition of beauty. A collection of these images was published in book form and titled, “The Full Body Project.”



Thankfully for us fans the path to Mr. Nimoy's retirement is still paved with upcoming appearances.

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Already in August Mr. Nimoy greeted fans in Australia via Skype at OzTrek 6. Here is a short account of what was said:

Leonard Nimroy [sic.] was live via skype and answered aprox 5 questions from the Audience. He was asked if he has ever had a request to appear on the big bang theory. He said he had been but declined the offer.
Nimroy [sic.] after Dragon con will no longer be making any more convention appearances .He wont be coming to Australia so it was a great opportunity to see him via Skype .He has been to Australia but so long ago he couldn’t remember when .He spoke about his photography and his new photography collection photographing ones inner self. He asked people to come dressed as their secret self; the results were surprising and can be seen on his web page at the link above. Audience members also had the opportunity to put an order in for an Autograph.


OzTrek 6: Leonard Nimoy _MG_8330

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