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Saturn Awards

Trek Movie has put up some more photos from the event and clips with interviews on the red carpet.


A photo of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner from the Vancouver convention can be found here. And Trek Movie has a con report with even more photos here .

Photos of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy at the airport on their way home after the convention can be found here.




Saturn Awards Red Carpet Interview




Leonard Nimoy has posted more photos from his career on stage and in television, among them one of himself not seen before with DeForest Kelley in the makeup department, The Man in the Glass Booth, and Equus. (Thank you, Jackie for the alert.)

Saturn Awards

Leonard Nimoy won for Best Guest Starring Role on Television for Fringe. More at Trek Movie.




Leonard Nimoy will be holding a photography seminar at the Creation Convention in Vancouver:

Along with his regular convention appearance, Leonard has agreed to present "A Leonard Nimoy Photography Seminar " set for Saturday Evening from 7:30 pm to 9pm. This limited seating presentation will include a screening of Leonard's video on "Secret Selves" and a lecture about the aesthetics of fine art/conceptual photography. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see Leonard in this unique format.

More here.


Spock Prime's coat from Star Trek is up for auction at Julien's Auctions on June 27, 2010 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.


Leonard Nimoy was filming David in Morocco at the time the special for Star Trek's 30th anniversary was produced and they added a clip of him sending his greetings from Paris.



The BBC also got to interview him:

Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy talks "pointy ears" and computer gaming with the BBC's Daniel Emery.

The actor, who played Spock, is at the E3 conference in Los Angeles to promote the game Yoostar 2.



The interview can be downloaded at the gamespot page.






Youtube description: Actor/Director Lenoard Nimoy [demonstrates] Yoostar2, a vide game that uses
motion and image capture (Xbox 360 and PlayStation) to literally put you in existing films. Here. Nimoy takes on the role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Immortal Sins: Wallpapers for Star Trek and other television series, movies, actors, zine artwork and more.

Spiffacious Wallpapers: Dr. Who, Leonard Nimoy, Severus Snape and others.



This is the article about Fred Philips that had William Shatner go ballistic.

Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival

There is a picture here at the Los Angeles Times and Collider has a summary of the Q&A session that followed. Here are some excerpts.

After the finished the series, he had something of an identity crisis, especially in playing dictators on Mission: Impossible.
Talked about being on Fringe and how he did it because of the great job everyone did on the new Trek movie, but was ultimately dissatisfied with his first 3 episode arc. Because of that, Nimoy refused to come back until JJ Abrams ultimately called and asked. He ended up happy with his arc and felt it ended much like Wrath of Kahn.
After Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, he didn’t feel closure with the character. He didn’t really feel that until he teared up in a pitch meeting the writers of the new film had with him.

Next year is the 60th anniversary of his acting career and he talked a bit about how that started, some of his early movies, and how his role in Kid Monk Baroni garnered good enough reviews to give him confidence to struggle for 10 years doing odd jobs before landing Trek.













Music Videos

I just found out YouTube killed my Tribute to Scrat from Ice Age :( And I got a do that again and your account will be deleted warning. So, in the future I'll have to find a different way to deal with my music videos... In the meantime, please enjoy this video by Sunshine2theStars. "Mr. Nimoy, you've still got it. ♥ ♥ ♥", s/he writes, and boy, do I agree.


Dr. Kildare - An Island Like a Peacock


The summary for the episode can be found here.


Leonard Nimoy uploaded a picture of himself, his wife, and their dog Max.








Though he officially announced he's retired, Mr. Nimoy keeps being a tease when it comes to Fringe.


Visit to Vulcan

The BBC uploaded an article and interview with Mr. Nimoy about his visit to Vulcan, Alberta, last month.




It's Zachary Quinto's birthday today and he's celebrating it with a very special friend, as Trek Movie reports:

While making the Star Trek film, Zachary Quinto and the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy developed a strong bond, that continues on. And to show how strong that bond is, Quinto will be spending his birthday evening with Mr. Nimoy. Leonard sent out a tweet this morning, saying "In NY. Meeting Zachary Quinto for dinner tonite. LLAP", to which Quinto replied "only the best birthday present ever!!! can’t wait sir."



YouTube description: Leonard Nimoy "hosts" new product video first used in "Time Shuttle" at Macworld SF (1987); produced by the product's marketing lead, Douglas Edwards with outside video producers through Muller & Company for Innovative Software (later Informix); there were individual Mac monitors in the enclosed Time Shuttle booth, one for every two visitors to showcase the capability Nimoy describes. Rumors that Nimoy would be in the booth caused a mad rush at the opening of the show each day and blocked aisles surrounding the exhibit. Show management threatened to evict us because we had too much traffic. Originally built for a one time use, the exhibit was a hit and was used for a year at Macworld, Comdex, and Unix events.


William Shatner has voiced his intention to produce a cover version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Via Twitter he asked Leonard Nimoy to join in, but so far has not received any public reply, as Trek Movie reports.

On the subject of Twitter, in the last couple of weeks William Shatner has been making tweets indicating he is recording another musical album. And over the last month he has tweeted to Leonard Nimoy that he wants his old friend to join him:

William Shatner: Come out of "retirement" @TheRealNimoy. I got an exciting record I’m working on. You’d be perfect to add another voice to it. My best, Bill (May 11)

William Shatner: @TheRealNimoy, If you’re on the album where do you want to eat? My best, Bill (May 13)

William Shatner: Going to lay down a track: Bohemian Rhapsody. Perhaps as the beginning of a new record… My best, Bill. (May 25)

For his part, Nimoy has not replied to Bill’s requests via Twitter, so it isn’t known if we will get a duet of Shatner and Nimoy.

Chart Attack got a chance to talk to him about his musical career in regards to Mr. Nimoy's and this is what he had to say:

So was there a musical rivalry between you and Leonard Nimoy in the late '60s when you were both putting out records?
I just thought that his record was terrible.

All of them?
I didn't know he made more than one. Mine weren't that bad.

I once wrote a song-by-song analysis of how Leonard's The Way I Feel is the best album ever to make love to, which aired on CBC Radio. What's your favourite album to make love to?
I pay more attention to the person I'm making love to than the music.

So you're always in the mood and don't need anything to get you into the mood?
That's correct, and especially not Leonard Nimoy.

For more go here.


Now and then I've read on the internet that Mr. Nimoy attended George Takei's wedding. But I've never found any photos or other evidence. This interview I recently happened on explains why:

The original "Star Trek" costars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, with their respective wives, attended the Walt Disney Concert Hall gala opening last weekend dedicated to Music Director Esa-Pekka Salonen, in his final season with the L.A. Philharmonic.

The Dish Rag asked Nimoy if he'd attended the wedding of his "Trek" costar George Takei (a.k.a. Lieutenant Sulu) to his longtime life partner, Brad Altman, and how he felt about Prop 8.

"We got an invite and sent George and Brad an e-mail and told them unfortunately we had to be in New York that day –- but we sent them our best wishes," said Nimoy.

He added: "Absolutely NO on Prop 8 because I believe that gay people have every right to get married and share their lives. George and Brad have been together for many years. They have every right to be together in any way they choose. Prop 8 is completely unjust."

More here.

Kid Monk Baroni


You can download the movie here, thanks to Jackie, who found that website.

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