"Right Out of Arsenic" by Jacqueline Y. Comben

There are many departments in Starfleet and they all have their own headquarters: Command, Communication, Medical and of course there is SOHQ - the Science Office Headquarters - lovingly pronounced 'sock-you' by its inmates. Have you ever wondered what this place might look like once you venture beyond the front-office doors? Well, let me tell you, it will take Admiral Kirk a while to recover from the experience.

















"Arabella" von Antje Freudenberg

This story won first price at a convention. The winning story was read out loud to the audience. The person who read it had to struggle through bouts and tears of laughter to get it done - and we, the audience, were not far behind. (Available in German only.)

Diese Geschichte hat den ersten Platz auf einer der Wormhole Cons belegt. (Wer schon sehr lange im Fandom ist, erinnert sich vielleicht noch daran.) Dort wurde sie auf der Closing Ceremony vorgelesen. Wir haben uns dabei alle vor Lachen gekringelt, einschlie├člich und gerade wegen der Vorleserin, die manchmal vor Lachen nicht mehr weiterlesen konnte.












"Spock and the Horrible, Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day" by Ster Julie

Spock had a terrible day in the episode The Apple but his misfortune started long before they even beamed down.

Hence his conclusion:

"I Should Have Stayed in Bed" also by Ster Julie











Academy Days by Jackie Stone

Written in 1988, this story details Spock's time as a cadet at Starfleet Academy. I do not know of that many writers who took up this particular subject and did it so well.

First Year

Second Year

Final Year