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Out & About: The Opening Night of Betrayal on Broadway

Ah, New York! Where else would you find Leonard Nimoy and Anna Wintour in the same room? It was opening night on Broadway this week, and both the old guard and the new came out for the revival of Harold Pinter’s masterpiece Betrayal starring real life couple Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz (and super-hunky Prometheus star Rafe Spall). It was nothing but nothing but A-listers as far as the eye could see. 

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Stars of Batman, Lost in Space, Star Trek, Bonanza, The Three Stooges etc.

We are offering a prime selection of vintage programs from the historic Pan Pacific Auditorium, which for decades was the primary location for convention center type events in Los Angeles, California and considered one of the finest examples of Streamline Moderne architectural design in the world. The Pan Pacific hosted sporting events, custom car shows, trade shows, rodeo’s, circuses, concerts ( including Elvis Presley’s West Coast debut in 1957 ) roller derby games, live theater productions and of course the ice capades. Marilyn Monroe was an usherette and President Eisenhower gave his acceptance speech at the Pan Pacific. Many know of the structure from the cult classic film Xanadu starring Olivia Newton John.

Here we have a real gem. Rare as they come. We’ve only seen “1” of these posted on eBay in the past 10 years. An original vintage program from 46 years ago for the Super Kid Circus. Which featured:

* TV’s Batman ( actor Adam West )( Yes this is where the famous photo of Batman riding an elephant came from )

*  Lost in Space’s Penny Robinson ( actress Angela Cartwright ) and Will Robinson ( actor Bill Mumy ), who played guitar and sung together on stage.

* Star Trek’s Spock (  actor Leonard Nimoy) 

* Bonanza’s Little Joe ( actor Michael Landon )

* TV Batman’s Batgirl ( actor Yvonne Craig )

* The Three Stooges ( Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe Derita )

* Paul Winchel , Jerry Mahoney & Knucklehead Smiff

* Billy Barty, Baby Daphine 

* Mr. Wishbone

* Sheriff John

* Dr. Doolittle’s animals from the 20th Century Fox Film 

*  The Million Dollar Midway Circus

* And more 

This event was broadcast on television locally. Can you imagine seeing all of the stars mentioned above in 1967 LIVE?!

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Star Trek

"Louise Stange-Wahl: ”Here is a photo taken my last day to visit the set of ST:TMP…I was sitting in Leonard’s chair, and he was in De Kelley’s LOL….It was so awesome! The wall in back of us is the side of Capt. Kirk’s/Mr.Spock’s quarters which were interchangeable."

For those who don’t know who the lady next to LN is, in the 70’s she ran the LNAF (Leonard Nimoy’s Only Official International Club). 



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Star Trek Into Darkness L.A. Premiere (March 2013)


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In 2010 Mr. Nimoy's photography was featured in 180 Magazine.


Source: Star Trek Communicator No. 114 (Nov. 1997)  Here is an article about the winners. No mention of Mr. Nimoy, though. 










CAPTAIN Spock. Why is no one talking about who’s missing from William Shatner’s “The Captains” documentary? 










Leonard Nimoy got his own YouTube Channel

Leonard Nimoy Reads “Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann.

And, unfortunately, deactivated embedding :(

So, go here to listen to him recite the poem.







The Prime Ministers (Voice Actor)

As a piece of filmmaking, “The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers” is competently crafted if unexceptional. The decision to have Avner’s conversations with the PMs voiced by big-name stars like Leonard Nimoy (Eshkol), Sandra Bullock (Meir) and Michael Douglas (Rabin) is a necessary evil given the film’s monologue-based narrative structure. Christoph Waltz is by far the best of the voice actors, giving Menachem Begin an understated toughness combined with an equally understated humor. Lee Holdridge’s score is frequently obtrusive and often cloying.

Source: The Jewish Week





Leonard Nimoy in a Documentary about himself




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