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1280 WWTC (1989)

1280_WWTC_STVLeonard Nimoy is interviewed about Star Trek V by 1280 WWTC. As the film is called "new," I suspect the date of the interview to be 1989. YouTube.



Archive of American Television

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8. For more information about the interview (topics discussed, topics by chapter etc.) see the Archive of American Television website.



Arsenio Hall (1993)





Auf Los Geht's Los (1984)
Here Mr. Nimoy appears on a German game show, again to promote Star Trek III. (Video) He's asked about "I'm Not Spock" and explains that he wrote it to show how different his life is from that of the character, citing different work conditions, family life - he has children, Spock doesn't, he has to pay taxes, Spock doesn't. Do his children like Mr. Spock? Yes, Spock was good for his family, he says, helping him build an interesting career, too. Is the common factor intelligence, maybe, the host asks, because he does so many things that require intelligence like writing, directing and much more. No, he says, Spock is much more intelligent than he, he's a scientist. Spock is an extraordinary person that he respects and admires. Spock inspires people. His friends would even sacrifice their careers for him, stealing the Enterprise. Spock died in Star Trek II, what happens to him in Star Trek III ? For him, Mr. Nimoy explains, it's a story about personal loyalty, about people's feelings for each other, and what they're ready to do for the other. How many more films will the future have in store for us? He doesn't know how much longer they can play the roles, but he's sure Star Trek is going to stick around long after that. The host concludes with saying that he's been a fan of Mr. Spock for a long time and now considers himself a fan of Mr. Nimoy, too.
BBC News (1982)

YouTube description: "BBC interview with Leonard Nimoy (circa July 82) to promote the release of Start Trek II The Wrath of Khan. Interviewer Sue Lawley" (Video)


Bitte Umblättern (1984)

A portrait of him filmed at his home for one of our entertainmant magazines to promote Star Trek III. Mr. Nimoy also talks about collecting art and reads from one of his poetry books. (Video)


Bob Wilkins Interview (1967)

bob_wilkins_1967 Interview starts at 1.30 min.




CBC Nimoy beams up to Vulcan, Alta. (2010)

"Actor Leonard Nimoy speaks to CBC-TV reporter Peter Akman before visiting Vulcan, Alta." Watch it here.



CBS: A New Frontier (2008)
Leonard Nimoy talks about his photography and playing Spock again. (video)
CBS Action (2012)
Leonard Nimoy Fan Q&A: Have you kept a pair of ears...
We asked you for questions for legendary Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. Here he is answering another from the many we received.

We asked Leonard Nimoy: How do you feel about CBS Action...
As you know CBS Action recently met up with Leonard Nimoy and chatted to him about his time on Star Trek. Here's another exclusive video where he chats about his time on the cult series.

We asked Leonard Nimoy: Why do you feel that Star Trek's...
As you know CBS Action recently met up with Leonard Nimoy and chatted to him about his time on Star Trek. Here's another exclusive video where he chats about why he thinks Star Trek still appeals to viewers.

CBS: Big, Beautiful and Nude (2007)
Go here for the video.
CBS: His New Project (2008)
Leonard Nimoy shows the reporter his first ever camera and his dark room. (video)
CBS News: Leonard Nimoy Salutes Space Shuttle Enterprise (2012)
"April 27, 2012 9:43 AM

Leonard Nimoy, of "Star Trek" fame, tells the story of how President Gerald Ford agreed to change the name of NASA's space shuttle Constitution to Enterprise." Video at CBS News

CBS News - The Healing Arts (2012)

twitterIn this report about art used to contribute to a healing environment, Leonard and Susan Nimoy, who contributed a sculpture and painting to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, are interviewed.


CNN: Shatner, Nimoy and 40 years of 'Star Trek' (2006)

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have a good time doing this interview - with Mr. Nimoy repeatedly asking "what was the question" with them clowning around so much. (Video) A Write-up of the interview can be found here.


CNN: Shuttle Enterprise's Final Journey (2012)

"Space shuttle Enterprise flies past the Statue of Liberty and other landmarks on the way to its new home at the Intrepid." Video at CNN



Colbert Report, The (2008)
Colbert pretends to be shocked at Leonard Nimoy's new topic of artistic interest. (more)
Contact (1969-ish)

According to an article that ran in Movie World in January 1969, Mr. Nimoy appeared on a local Boston TV station in a show called Contact in which his parents and a Boston fan were present who ran her own "Save Star Trek" campaign.

As the producers of Contact laid their plans for Nimoy's appearance on the show, they realized they needed a lot of information. Not wishing to disturb his elderly parents, they turned to Sharon and called her as often as two or three times a day. Sharon loved it! All those magazines she had saved were paying off.

The day of the show arrived. A gang of fans flocked to greet Leonard Nimoy when he arrived at Boston's Logan Airport, but Sharon wasn't there. She was too busy getting ready for the TV cameras, and, needless to say, very tense and nervous. Her sister Marcy helped her set up the displays, and Leonard's old friends whom she had, told the TV producers about arrived. All was in readiness—but where was the star?

Sharon was in a state of near panic when Leonard finally arrived, stalled by the crush of fans enthusiastically thrusting almost anything under his nose for his signature.

During the show's warmup period, Leonard put Sharon at her ease immediately by behaving as if the telecast were an everyday occurrence for her as well as for him. He chatted with her about school and her piano practicing. By the time the show went on the air, everything didn't seem so frightening. "It didn't feel like people looking at you, just cameras, "Sharon explains. She went on to show the TV audience her scrapbooks and posters, and most of all, to ask them to join in her. petition to save Star Trek from its undeserved fate.

Leonard was delighted by his loyal fan. He got a kick out of her telling the people that his favorite food was kreplach, a Jewish dough-like food delicacy stuffed with either meat or cheese. To top things off, his mother, who was also on the show, then announced not only had she made some for him to sample on the show but enough for everyone in the studio audience to taste as well. Moreover, Leonard was mighty pleased to see the old pals Sharon had rounded up, some of whom he had not seen for twenty years! They all kidded each other unmercifully and agreed Leonard hadn't really changed at all.

After the show ended, Sharon and Marcy accompanied Leonard on his personal appearances at suburban department stores that day and felt tremendously when some fans recognized them from the TV show.

Couples Uncensored: William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy (Date Unknown)
Access Hollywood has a preview of an older interview with William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy. Wanted: Full copy of this interview for transcript.


Craig Ferguson - Leonard Nimoy (2007)

"January 4, 2007 - Leonard Nimoy visits to promote his book, "The Full Body Project". An accomplished photographer, his photos of Rubenesque nudes take a stand against the rail-thin fashion model as the current standard of feminine beauty." Watch on YouTube.


Die Aktuelle Schaubude (1984)
Leonard Nimoy stopped over in Germany to promote Star Trek III. In this interview (Video) he confesses that while making the film his biggest problem was sleeping. He was excited doing it, with lots of ideas bumping around in his head. Because they wanted to keep it a secret whether or not Spock would return, Mr. Nimoy was wearing a disguise especially when filming on location that his own team sometimes failed to recognize him in. His hobby, he says, are people. He loves to interact and work with people and he loves his work in general. He considers himself a very lucky person because in the morning he gets up to do what he loves to do most, unlike many others who have to work to pay the bills. If his children had chosen to become actors like him, he would have been supportive, but it's a business that offers little in the way of security and he's glad they followed a different path. The last question is about Spock falling in love.
Dinah's Place (1970-1974)
According to the Research Video Inc. website "Dinah's Place is a 30-minute interview and discussion program with a mix of musical performance footage, cooking, crafts and lifestyle segments." Wanted: Copy of this interview for transcript.
Entertainment Tonight Outer Limits (ca. 1995)
Outer Limits helped launch his career, so it's only fitting he should star in the updated remake 30 years later, Entertainment Tonight thinks. He is directed by his son Adam. (Video)
Entertainment Tonight ST VI (1991)
ST VI is a great adventure story and a story about history in the making in Nimoy's opinion, tie in with TNG.


Entertainment Tonight ST IV (1986)
Topics: making the movie was much more fun this time, he had more confidence, picture has a fun kind of looseness about it, shooting on location
Entertainment Tonight ST III (1984)
Topics: how the other actors he's worked with for so many years react to him as a director, how the relationships between the characters are important to the story, that Paramount advertises it as "the final voyage", and will Spock apprear in the movie? (Video)
ET Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner Talk About T. J. Hooker Episode (1983)
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy work together again for the first time since Star Trek. (Video)
Extra: The Full Body Project (2008)

YouTube description: "I [Lady Monster] was interviewed with Leonard Nimoy at his home in Los Angeles by EXTRA TV in July 2008. We spoke about his book, The Full Body Project where I am featured." (Video)

FRINGE - Bell Is Back, Bishop & Bell Part 1 & 2 (2012)
Fringe: The Bell Tolls (2010)

Talking about the Season 2 finale. (Video)



Fringe The Next Chapter (2010)

Though he officially announced he's retired, Mr. Nimoy keeps being a tease when it comes to Fringe. (Video)



Fox News: Leonard Nimoy Reunited With Space Shuttle Enterprise in NYC (2012)

"Apr 27, 2012 - 1:45 -
'Star Trek' star recalls participating in rollout ceremony in 1976 " Video at Fox News.


Inside Entertainment Interview About Never Forget by Bary Blake (1991)

inside_entertainment_barry_blake_never_forgetBarry Roskin Blake interviews Leonard Nimoy for Inside Entertainment. Video.



Interview (1966)

Topics: Spock make-up, how did he get into show-biz, playing the heavy before he landed the role of Spock. (Video) A better quality one is here.



Good Morning America: Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Topics: Being proud of not always having delivered what was expected or demanded of them by the fans. (Video)



Good Morning America: Star Trek V - The Final Frontier (1989)
Topics: Does the title suggest it's going to be the last movie, what's William Shatner like as a director, funny moments in the film, what makes Star Trek so successful. (Video)
Good Morning America: Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home (1986)
Topics: what's the story, origin of the Vulcan salut, seeing yourself grow older on the screen, who'd have thought Star Trek lasted this long. (Video)
Good Morning Houston (1990)

YouTube description: "In this interview from 1990, GMH Host Don Nelson interviews Director Leonard Nimoy regarding his work on the film "Funny About Love", starring Gene Wilder and Christine Lahti." (Video)



Hero Complex: The Show (2012)

hero complex nimoy "Cultural icon Leonard Nimoy talks with LA Times Reporter Geoff Boucher about his work as an actor, director and photographer. In part two of the interview, Nimoy reveals the inception of the Star Trek movies, great moments in The Original Series, and the origin of the Vulcan salute." Part 1, Part 2



KGW Portland (1967)
YouTube description: "1967 interview with Leonard Nimoy about Star Trek from KGW in Portland, Oregon." (Video)
Late Show With David Letterman (2009)
Leonard Nimoy reads the Late Show's Top Ten list. (Video)
Mashable: Watch Leonard Nimoy Welcome Space Shuttle Enterprise to New York (2012)

"When the Space Shuttle Enterprise made its final landing at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, it was greeted by a special guest: Leonard Nimoy.


The Star Trek actor and director gave an emotional speech to welcome the spaceship, which bears the same name as the starship that was home to Nimoy’s character, Mr. Spock. Saying that seeing Enterprise again was a “reunion” for him, he recounted the story of how the NASA orbiter got its name.

Back in the 1970s, when plans for the Space Shuttle program were progressing toward building prototype ships, the first ship was supposed to be named Constitution. However, fans of the original Star Trek started a letter-writing campaign to President Ford, asking him to change the name to Enterprise.

He did, or rather, he directed NASA to do so. Then, in a gala dedication ceremony on Sept. 17, 1976, which included Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and most of the original cast as guests, Enterprise was officially unveiled at Rockwell’s plant in Palmdale, Calif.

SEE ALSO: Space Shuttle Discovery Flies for the Last Time

Designed as a test vehicle, Enterprise sadly never flew in space. It lacked many key systems (such as main engines) for journeys to space, although the design made it possible to add those later. In 1986, after the Space Shuttle Challenger was destroyed, NASA briefly considered refitting Enterprise for spaceflight, but it opted instead to construct Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Now the Enterprise has made its final flight, and Nimoy was once again present — seeming to look at it with deep emotion at one point (you can see that moment in pic No. 4 in the gallery below). While that may not have been in keeping with his Star Trek alter ego, his final words to Enterprise as it prepared for its permanent exhibit at New York’s Intrepid museum were more characteristic of Mr. Spock: 'Live long and prosper.'"

Merv Griffin (1982)
The cast of Star Trek II shows up to promote the film. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
NBC News ST:TMP Press Conference (Date Unknown)
Leonard Nimoy is asked the question everyone wants an answer to: why was he the last to sign on for the movie. (Video)
NBC News: The Star Trek Las Vegas Convention (2006)
Leonard Nimoy is asked whether his character would find the auction of Star Trek memorabilia at Christie's logical. (Video)
Newsmaker of the Week: Leonard Nimoy (2006)
The interview was taped after Leonard Nimoy gave a presentation about his book Shekhina at Congregation Beth Shalom. (more)
Nightlife (1986)

Short lived talk show with David Brenner. Topics: would they journey into space for real if possible, origin of Vulcan greeting, filming ST IV in San Francisco, what is Leonard Nimoy like as a director, how does William Shatner take direction, the next movie. (Video)


Nimoy to Reprise Spock Role in Trek Film (2007)
This clip is from the time Leonard Nimoy was announced to be in Star Trek at Comic Con 2007. At the end he says he met William Shatner several years after Star Trek went off the air. Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy to all involved with the Space Shuttle Enterprise (2012)
"Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy to all involved with the Space Shuttle Enterprise: 'Live long and prosper'

Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy was among the hundreds in attendance at John F. Kennedy International Airport when the Space Shuttle Enterprise flew in atop a 747 jumbo jet this morning. Enterprise was flown in from Washington, D.C., to New York City, where it will eventually be on exhibit at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in Manhattan. Nimoy spoke about the naming of the orbiter, which was built as a prototype for NASA's reusable spaceship fleet. Enterprise never reached space but its test flights in the late 1970s helped pave the way for future orbiters in the Shuttle program. (Video by Andre Malok / The Star-Ledger)" Video at

Pioneers of Television (2011)

Pioneers of Television is "a four-part series looking at genres of early television and the actors that populated them." The episode about science fiction aired on Jan. 18, 2011 and contains interviews with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols. More here. and here.



P.M. Magazine ST III (1984)
Topics: Its a story about friendships and relationships and the price they are willing to pay for each other, first time he really has been given the opportunity to express his thoughts and feelings about Star Trek, typecasting and how you can make it for you, new projects. (Video)
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update (2009)

Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine address the issue of overzealous hard core fans not liking the new film in this skit.

Since NBC would not let people ouside the U.S. see the clip you'll find a transcript here. (more)


Sex + Religion (2010)

Channel Canada aired a documetary exploring Sex + Religion Sep. 20th, through Dec. 27th, 2010. Information about the schedule and contents of the individual episodes can be found here. Use is made of Mr. Nimoy's Shekhina photographs to illustrate the synopses. Excerpts with Mr. Nimoy can be found on the R.Michelson Galleries webpage. A review here at the Vancouver Sun.

“Art is about illumination,” says Leonard Nimoy whose photographs of female bodies superimposed with the Hebrew letter Shin represents his interpretation of Shekhina, the female representation of God. Simultaneously erotic, beautiful, and spiritually meaningful, Nimoy explains they were inspired by the ecstatic prayer he witnessed as a youth while attending synagogue services with his Father. “The Torah is loaded with sexuality,” Nimoy says. “It’s not to be viewed in terms of sin, but rather as part of the human condition.” More here.

Sex TV Shekhina Interview (ca. 2002)

Watch on YouTube.



Shatner's Raw Nerve (2009)

William Shatner has invited Leonard Nimoy for a chat. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Showbiz Today - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
Star Trek has had some successful time travel stories in the past, like City on the Edge of Forever, they want to lighten up in this movie, insert some fun, and what to wear in 1986 had them a bit stumped until Leonard Nimoy decided that what the crew wore on Vulcan would be totally acceptable in current day San Francisco. Watch it on YouTube.
Spock, Spirituality, and Star Trek (2002)

A transcript of the televised episode no. 615 of Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on PBS can be found here.



ST: TMP Fan Reviews (1979)
Fans on the street get to tell what they think of The Motion Picture. Leonard Nimoy is interviewed at 6:07.
ST:TMP Interview Hugh Downs (1979)
A report about ST Fans on the occasion of the release of ST:TMP featuring sound bites from Leonard Nimoy who looks somewhat like he had a rough night at 2:22 in part 1 and 3:42 in part 2.
Star Trek III Interview (Germany 1984)





Star Trek Story (1996)

star_trek_story_1996_BBC2Interview snippets with Mr. Nimoy approximately in Part 1 (1.15 + 3.20 + 7.10 +8.04 - 10.16 + 10.52 min.), Part 2 ( 8.50 + 11.30 min.) and Part 3 (3.45 +6.05 + 8.38 min.), none in Part 4.



Star Trek Weekend on Film4 (2010)

"To celebrate Film4's Star Trek weekend (16-17 October) we interviewed stars of the original movies." Watch it here.



Superstars Superfans (1970-ish)

In answer to a question on Twitter Mr. Nimoy wrote on April, 20th that he "flew a Piper Arrow and a Bellanca." You can see him leave in his plane in this interview. Part 1, Part 2.


Temps X Cinéma (1987)

Temps X Cinema Interview 1987 French interview focusing on Star Trek. Watch it on YouTube.




The Joy Behar Show (2010)

Leonard Nimoy on The JoyBehar Show on August 3rd. A transcript (Another Side Of Spock) can be found here at CNN.


In a green room interview on the show's website he makes some straight faced fun of William Shatner's career as a vocal artist when he's asked who's the better singer and says he can't teach the "Vulcan death grip" to anyone in good conscience because it's too dangerous.

The Style Network: Maximum Beauty Exhibit (ca. 2008)

YouTube description: "Leonard Nimoy was interviewed by The Style Network about his photographs of my former burlesque troupe, Fat-Bottom Revue/Big Burlesque. Maximum Beauty was the name of the exhibit, a precursor to the book, Full Body Project" (Video)

The Tonight Show (1989)





This Is Your Life - William Shatner (1989)
Leonard Nimoy appears at the end of part two of the three part video. He tells the story about Mr. Shatner hiding his bike.

This Is Your Life Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


Today Show (2009)
Fans come in all shapes, sizes, or professions. NBC news anchor Ann Curry got to admit she had one big crush on Spock and meet the actor (and his ears) who played him. In her blog she writes:

"After impulsively touching Leonard Nimoy's ears, I would not besurprised if he asked for a restraining order, restricting me to another galaxy.

But what a delight to meet a childhood crush, a talented, intelligent man, who was just as gracious in person as I had always imagined him to be." (more)

Trek Talk (1993)
YouTube description: "Leonard Nimoy talks about his relationship with Star Trek fans. The interview was conducted in 1993 at a 'Creation Con' show held at the Constellation Hotel in Toronto. The interview, conducted by Steve Paiken, is part of a documentary about Star Trek fandom titled 'Trek Talk'." (more)
USA Today: Celeb Watch with Will Keck (2007)
Interview from September 2007 when Star Trek was still thought to open in December 2008. Topics: Sylar, first time meeting at Comic Con, the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater in the newly renovated Griffith Observatory, Zachary Quinto has not yet perfected the Vulcan salute, Spock's emotional state, will the two Spocks meet, it's not just about the looks, interest in space before Star Trek. (Video), Outtakes
What's My Line (1970-ish)




Whoopi Goldberg Show (1992)

Leonard Nimoy looks back at his life and career on the Whoopi Goldberg Show. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



William Shatner in Concert - Living in TV Land (2006)

Leonard Nimoy was asked to provide his insights for this portrait on William Shatner and the camera also traveled with them on the plane to a convention in Las Vegas.