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Q & A Part 3

facebook fringe Mr. Nimoy answers some more fan questions. He talks about Vulcan eyebrows and his Fringe experience in this video.



Space Shuttle Enterprise

Facebook Space Shuttle Enterprise Mr. Nimoy talks about how he got invited to deliver a note upon the Space Shuttle’s landing at JFK in this new video on Facebook.



(May 2012)

Facebook Videos

I'm Not Spock

reading_from_i'm_not_spockSomebody's been making good use of his new facebook account. This time Mr. Nimoy reads from his book I'm Not Spock



Bruno Mars

bruno_mars_video Leonard Nimoy tells the story of how he came to be in the Bruno Mars music video, as promised in last weeks video.



The Big Bang Theory

the_big_bang_theory Mr. Nimoy talks about his involvement with the show.



Q&A Part 1

q_and_a_part_01Leonard Nimoy answers two questions from fans on his Facebook page. Did he have a backup plan if he wouldn't have made it as an actor, and as an actor and director, what project was the most fun for him to do.


Q&A Part 2

q_and_a_part_02Two more questions about his favorites in flavors for dessert and current TV shows are answered.



(Apr. 2012)

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(Apr. 2012)

Shop LLAP Goes Facebook

Welcome Leonard Nimoy joined the Facebook crowd, promising to post comments, videos, and pictures on a weekly basis. In the video already posted on the page he announces he'd explain how he came to star in the Bruno Mars music video in the next installment.

(Apr. 2012)