Editorial Rant

One of the reasons I created "Beyond Spock" was that I felt there was something missing from the spectrum of pages devoted to Mr. Nimoy available on the web. Today I probably would have started a blog, since I'd be saved from learning about html, css, and php. As a fan I started out at a time where much of what was available about Star Trek was produced by the fans. That way I learned about fan clubs and newsletters and became an editor for one in the nineties. I was responsible for the news section. (I guess that still shows in What's New being the most active part of my page.) Those newsletters and zines were still printed on paper and mailed through the post office. When a new one arrived, it was a special occasion. Especially, when it was one from the Official Leonard Nimoy Clubs. (Yes, there were still two then, in Britain and the U.S.)

While now operating in a new medium, it is the spirit of those old but loved zines and newsletters that I wanted to draw my inspiration from. (I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Nimoy, on ways to contact him please see the page of his British fan club.) Those newsletters and zines, especially from no longer active fan clubs, are part of our fan culture history and it would hurt my heart to see them wither away in my cupboards. I will try to make them available, but please be patient, as other things take up time or divert my interests momentarily. In the spirit of those that have come before me, I intend my voice not to be the only one on this page and my thanks go to those who have written reviews, or contributed in other ways. But now on to the goodies.

(For reasons of privacy, I have crossed out the last names or addresses of contributors in the samples, since none of them could have known there would be this very popular thing called the Internet one day, where it all might show up again outside of the protected circulation of the publications within the fan community. Not to mention that people drop out of a fandom or totally loose interest in an actor or series and might not want to see themselves connected to it anymore.)

The Leonard Nimoy Fanclub '84 Yearbook

More scans here.

Insatiable Curiosity (1983)

More scans here.

The Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans 1969-70 Yearbook

 Excerpts: the first is a letter from Mr. Nimoy to his fans addressing his past and current projects, but also a private loss that at the time was publicized in the tabloids, followed by Your Questions to Leonard Nimoy and A Conversation With Leonard Nimoy. The last batch is about fans recounting their meeting him in person + a couple of pictures from the zine.

Highlights from the Newsletters (1967)




Welcome to the LNNAF Booklet here.

The LNNAF became the LNAF when Spock turned into a world wide phenomenon. Once the fans from outside the U.S. began flooding in, the “National” got dropped.