Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space (1967)

By 1974 the album had sold 1300, 00 copies (Source: IOTA)

The song Cotton Candy was written by Cliff Rahlke, who was a member of the Star Trek camera crew. (Source: Chatter Boxes No. 3, LNNAF Jul./Aug. 1967)

To help get Mr. Nimoy's album Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space on the radiowaves fans were cautioned against calling radiostations on the phone, as they would get annoyed at that. Instead Dot Records recommended writing letters to the DJ's asking they play selections from the album. (Source: Chatter Boxes No. 2, LNNAF May/Jun. 1967)

Promoting the Album

June 18th Rocky Point Park, Warwick, Rhode Island

More Personal Appearances (tentative at the time):

July 30th - Rimrock Amusement Park - Estes Park, Colorado

August 12th - Macy's Department Store - New York City - morning

August 12th - Jordon's Department Store - Boston - afternoon

August 13th - Riverside Park - Agawam (Springfield), Massachusetts

Sept. 6th - (definite) "Kids' Day Fair" - Sacramento, California

Scans here.

On April 20-22nd 1967 Mr. Nimoy appeared in many large stores in New York City to promote his album and on April 23rd he performed 4 shows that day "(singing etc.)" in Agawam, Massachusetts at Riverside Park.