Leonard Nimoy Beams Down

Upon entering the room where the conference with Leonard Nimoy was to be held, the first question which sprang into the mind of the knowledgeable was "Is this a press conference or Drama 101?" as Arnold Wengrow and his retinue of drama students had decended in force upon the room and were situated at strategic vantage points around the table, eyes all glued upon the spot where Mr. Nimoy was to sit. This spot was readily identifiable due to the water glass set to its immediate right, per Mr. Wengrow's instructions. Also occupying spaces around the table were reporters, professional and otherwise, cameras, photographers, and various Unidentified fawning Objects, all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Mr. Nimoy.

While the assembled multitudes discussed various subjects related to their respective fields of interest and occupation, the camera crews from WFBC (Channel Four) and WLOS (Channel 13) set up their equipment to the accompaniment of a snide exchange of verbal cuts. As the time passed, and all of those assembled were exchanging off-the-cuff superior comments regarding each other, Star Trek and Mr. Nimoy, Mr. Nimoy entered quietly and quickly and was at his seat before anyone really was aware of his arrival.

Dressed in denim, with tinted glassed shielding his vision from the stares of the starry-eyed, Mr. Nimoy entertained questions and answered them with wit and poise in a low pitched, deliberate voice. Many of the questions asked were concerned with science fiction and prediction of the future. Mr. Nimoy's replies to these all took the point of view that various alternate answers for mankind had been predicted by the good science fiction writers, but that it was up to mankind to determine which of these alternatives would be turned into reality. When questioned about his identification with the character of Mr. Spock, Mr. Nimoy replied that he had identity crises between Spock and himself all of the time, but identification with Spock was a part of life and it would not matter whether or not he grew tired of it as it is a definite reality

A flurry of questions were directed towards Nimoy concerning his qualifications to speak on the scientific aspects of Star Trek. Handling these pointed queries coolly, he replied with logic that Spock would have been proud of that the responsibility for the scientific theory behind the shows was not his. "All I do," he stated with a slight smile on his lips and a hint pf professional pride in his voice, "is to make people believe what I'm saying." And if one can arrive at any sort of conclusions from the turnout for his presentation and the banners and posters which proclaimed "WELCOME MR.: SPOCK!" they would certainly be to the effect that Leonard Nimoy has indeed achieved his purpose and people do indeed believe what he is saying.