The Untouchables


Season 3, Episode 17 (Aired: 1 Mar. 1962)



It's the time of the Prohibition. Chicago's thirst for real beer, instead of the dishwater the clubs and bars are allowed to serve, is catered to by two opposing breweries. One is run by a German immigrant from Bavaria, Franz Koenig, who's proud of his craft and the brewing traditions of his home country. Still, he's not above making extra money by selling beer with alcohol levels above the legal limit set by the government. While Koenig restricts himself to just brewing beer, his rival, Charlie Zenko, also runs a club and has ties to the mob.

Blowing someone up who's not useful anymore? No problem. That's what Zenko got Packy (Leonard Nimoy) for. Things get heated when a third party shows up on the scene, trying to take over the business. The new guy, Leo Mencken, acts on behalve of the New York maffia. Mencken, it turns out, is the estranged son Zenko hasn't heard from in eight years. Back then he made sure his son couldn't get a hold in the trade because he didn't want him to make a career out of crime.

But since Zenko even now isn't big on talking, or feelings, or talking about feelings in particular, it ends with Packy killing the son, the father going to prison, and the Untouchables shooting Packy when they arrive in the middle of the showdown. But fear not, he seems to have survived, since they pick him up in the background of this scene.


Needs more Leonard Nimoy. He's only got a small part in the episode.


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The Untouchables Takeover

The Untouchables Takeover: The demand for real beer goes unabated and Charlie Zenko tries to consolidate his control of the North side of Chicago. He arranges for brew master Franz Koenig to get a visit from Eliot Ness. At his trial however, Koenig is saved when a stranger, Leo Mencken, provides him with the alibi he needs. Soon Koenig and Mencken are partners and are using Mencken's unique way of temporarily masking the re-alcoholization of the beer they produce. Charlie Zenko is none too pleased that his competition is back on the street but has the good sense to check with New York mobster Joe Kulak who confirms that Mencken is working for him. When they finally meet, Charlie Zenko is shocked to see just who Leo Mencken really is.

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Untouchables: Season 3, Vol. 2

The Untouchables: Takeover Three weeks prior to the repeal of Prohibition, Woody O'Mara (Mort Mills) prepares to eliminate brewery operator Franz Koenig (played by Hogan's Heroes' future "Sgt. Schultz" John Banner) so that he and Charlie Zenko (Luther Adler) can take over all illegal liquor activities on the North Side before it's too late. Zenko shows his "gratitude" by planting a bomb in O'Mara's car and assuming command of the entire operation himself. Ironically, Zenko himself ends up being betrayed by his own son Larry (Robert Loggia)--leaving Elliot Ness (Robert Stack) to solemnly pick up the pieces. Watch for Leonard Nimoy as a squirrelly trigger man named Packy. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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The Untouchables: Season 3, Volume 2 – DVD Review

Eliot Ness put a lethal bullet in Mr. Spock. That’s right. He took down the half-Vulcan that the Klingons, Romulans and Khan couldn’t touch. Eliot Ness (Robert Stack) busted Al Capone and ventilated Mr. Spock to prove he’s the toughest cop in the universe. He didn’t care about your home planet. You were a target for Ness’ service revolver when you brought vice into Chicago. The Untouchables: Season 3, Volume 2 gives another 12 riveting crime tales with familiar faces being shot down before the prime of their career.

“Takeover” shocks with Mr. Spock’s death. Although since Nimoy’s role of Packy isn’t more than an elaborate cameo so I’m not spoiling the episodes. John Banner (Hogan’s Heroes’ Sgt Schultz) is a Chicago brewer who is forced to barrel up non-alcoholic beer. It hurts his soul to remove the love from the lager. He gets busted by Ness for making the real stuff. He’s bailed out by Robert Loggia (The Sopranos). He’s get a great new scam for putting the alcohol back in the near beer. Things get messy when there’s a battle for control of the speakeasy scene. This is when Nimoy arrives with his hired gun. However he gets beamed into a cold grave by Ness.

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