There's More Than One of Everything

Season 1, Episode 20 (Aired: 5/12/2009, FOX)


Nina Sharp, Bells's right hand woman (literally, as Bell designed the prosthetic for her right arm), is shot. The Fringe devision investigates and identifies a David Robert Jones as the leader of the group that invaded Bell's corporation, Massive Dynamic. All their intelligence points to Bell as the man behind the strange phenomena they've been seeing lately - most of them carried out by Jones - and Olivia strongly advocates they bring Bell in for questioning. No matter his influence or how deep his political connections run, he's not above the law.

Sharp disagrees. Bell certainly is no terrorist, she informs the FBI, and while Jones once worked for Massicve Dynamic - was one of their first employees, in fact - they parted ways fifteen years ago on bad terms. Jones, who saw a father figure in Bell, felt spurned by the rejection. All the destruction he's caused, she feels, was designed to prove a point. Jones allways felt he was special, but no one recocnized his talants. Once he broke out of prison, he bombarded the company with phone calls, demanding meetings with Bell that became more extreme in nature as time passed. She believes he's intent on killing Bell when he finds him.

Olivia suggest they take Bell into protective custody, which turns out impossible since not even Sharp seems to know where he is. She hasn't seen him in months and their communication was strictly electronically, she says. But, knowing Olivia's personal desire to speak to him, Sharp promises to arrange a meeting with him. Unless Jones gets to him first. Then all the answers she wants would die with Bell. Jones, meanwhile, uses the power cell he stole from Sharp's prosthetic to experiment on opening doors to what we'll learn is a parallel universe.

Walter is followed by an Observer to the cemetary where Walter's son Peter lies burried. Later the Observer contacts him, even though their order is forbidden to interfere with it's subjects. But in this case, he feels, the consequences of non-interference justify him breaking is orders. He leads Walter to a house where he leaves him to remember something very important. Something that Jones, too, needs. Thanks to Massive Dynamic, who maintain links to all cameras they sell, Walter, who by now has been reported missing, can be located on a security camera's footage. Peter recognizes the location and goes after him. Back in the Fringe offices, Olivia has it finally revealed to her why William Bell is so elusive. He's not on this world.

Sharing a father and son moment with Peter at their old beach house helps Walter remember what he has to look for while Olivia and FBI colleague Charlie look at the remains of another of Jone's failed experiments to cross between worlds. Walter tells Peter upon finding the object that he and Bell consumed large amounts of LSD in their younge years and in time became convinced that what they saw in their drugged states was real. They were convinced they were catching glimpses of another world, populated by slightly different versions of themselves, an experience normally known as a déjà vu. "Belly" and he could prolong it with hallucinogens, but they soon became focused on how to do it without drugs. Bell theorized that young children had the capacity to see those other worlds naturally. Properly nurtured their abilities could be highened to allow them to travel from here to over there. At the time, Walter says, he lost something most precious to him and he worked hard toward taking from there what he had lost in this world.

Crucial to opening a door between universes is finding the right place for it to work. Soft spots on our planet where the fundamental constants of nature have begun to decay.There the membrane between realities is thinner, almost porous. Until recently those areas, like the Bermuda Triangle, were extremly rare, Sharp briefs the Fringe team. Technological advance has hastened the decay, scientific progress and meddling with the laws of nature increased the number of soft spots. Jones now is looking for just such a spot.

Walter build a plug in the past to close holes between universes in the past should the need arise and this is what he had to remember. Not only could people go over there, but things from the other side could pass through, too, and that could be dangerous. He and Peter drive to the place where Walter first opened a gate at Lake Reiden, the place also identified by Sharp and Olivia as the one Jones ould go to next.

Jones is successful in opening the gate but can be stopped in time. Since he was half in and half out, he's cut in the middle when it closes on him. Back at the office Olivia is informed that the FBI has recieved orders to cease and desist their investigation into William Bell. Since she held up her end of the bargain, Nina Sharp calls Olivia to arrange a meeting in New York to which she doesn't show up. Olivia rides the elevator down from the hotel restaurant where they were supposed to mee in frustration. Then strange light and noises happen, she has glimpses of people in the elevator and when the dors open she's met by a woman who shows her into Bell's office at the top of the World Trade Center.


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"He is Voldemort at the moment," joked exec producer Jeff Pinkner back in January when asked about the unseen founder of Massive Dynamics—and force behind some of the show’s scarier science projects. "The longer you go without seeing him, the more satisfying it will be when we do."

TV Guide, April 08, 2009