Dream Girl (1967)


Barbara Bain ... Herself
Martin Landau ... Himself
Leonard Nimoy ... Himself (1 Episode)
Louis Nye ... Himself


This was a short-lived attempt at placing a beauty pageant program in the context of a regular daytime game show - a sort of early American Idol format without the focus on talent. Aired in mid-afternoon on, as I recall, ABC-TV, it really represented little more than filler on the last-rated national television network at the time. ("Batman" was ABC's only real hit in that era.) That it was little more than eye-candy pap is strongly suggested by the fact that in its one year run it had no fewer than three regular hosts.

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This entry had 3 Hosts and 1 sub-host for a week presided over the daily all-year-long beauty pageant. The Host will introduce the girls aged from 18 to 27 will compete for the title of "THE Dream Girl of 1967". The winner of the day will become "The Dream Girl of the Day" for Mondays through Thursdays. The Daily Winners returned and one will become "The Dream Girl of This Week" for every Friday. At the end of the year and the series itself, The Weekly Winners returned and one will become "The Dream Girl of 1967". The Day Winner receives $500, The Week Winner will collects $1000 and for "The Dream Girl of 1967" is worth in cash and prizes of $50,000. The 3 Male Star Judges are doing the scores and 1 female star fashion narrator will tell us the fashions throughout the series (1966-1967). - Written by Ben Rowe<Ben_Rowe@comcast.net>

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Dream Girl of '67 aka The Dream Girl of 1967 is Chuck Barris' answer to Regular Beauty Pageants are Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss America, America's Junior Miss and others. The Show features 5 Beautiful Girls are aged from 18 to 27 out of 14 Girls in the USA. The Host is Dick Stewart and the Hostess {Resident Dream Girl} is Beverly Adams on the debut weekday on December 19, 1966 on ABC. Once the 5 Girls are selected and participate in these categories are Beauty & Poise, Fashion, Talent & Interview. To Doing all the categories are 3 Star Men Judges and for the Fashion Category is for 1 Star Woman. One of the judges gives out the results of all categories and finding out Who's the 4th Runner-Up?, Who's the 3rd Runner-Up?, Who's the 2nd Runner-Up?, Who's the 1st Runner-Up? and Who's the Dream Girl? The Dream Girl's awarded with Bouquet of Roses, Red Cape, Tiara & the Little Scepter has been done by the show's Hostess. The Winning Girl became "The Dream Girl" thus as follows: The Dream Girl of Todayis awarded with $500 cash. The Dream Girl of the Week is awarded with $1000 cash. The Dream Girl of the Month is awarded with $5000 cash & prizes. The Dream Girl of 1967 is awarded with all the cash & prizes totaled $50,000.

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