Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (2011)

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

In the Land of Departure, Terra and Aqua take an exam to achieve the Mark of Mastery, which will allow them to become Keyblade Masters. However, only Aqua passes while Terra fails due to the abundant darkness in his heart. Shortly after the test, Master Xehanort disappears and a horde of mysterious creatures called the Unversed begin to appear throughout the worlds. Master Eraqus learns from Yen Sid that the Princesses of Heart are in danger from the Unversed, beings that are not well-versed in their own existence and also feed on the negative emotions of people, and orders Terra and Aqua to destroy the Unversed and find Xehanort.

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PSP Review - 'Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep'

The voice acting is superb. The Disney cast is mostly comprised of the original voice actors or, in a few cases, surprisingly good sound-alikes. This definitely adds to the atmosphere of the game. The main characters are reasonably well voice-acted, although Aqua and Terra sometimes sound a bit stilted. This is a problem because they're two of the main characters, but the rest of the cast is good enough to help you overlook that. The real stars of the show are Leonard Nimoy and Mark Hamill, who voice Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus, respectively. Nimoy lends a lot of charm to what might otherwise be a humdrum villain, while Mark Hamill's Eraqus adds a solid bite to a bland mentor character. Most of the voice actors do their jobs well enough, but Nimoy and Hamill steal the show.



Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

A handful of the looping tracks will grate on your nerves, but don't be surprised if you lose yourself while listening to the rest of the soundtrack. As for the voice work, Leonard Nimoy delivers a standout performance, and overall, it features one of the few good English dubs in recent memory.



Master Xehanort

Xehanort is the main antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. First seen in Kingdom Hearts II, his influence in the storyline began many years earlier, during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Xehanort, or Master Xehanort as he is originally called, is a Keyblade master and colleague of Master Eraqus. However, unlike Eraqus, who seeks the containment of darkness in favor of light, Master Xehanort seeks power by accepting darkness. As a part of his plan, he takes in an apprentice of his own, a boy named Ventus, with the goal of training him to accept the darkness in his heart and become capable of summoning the X-blade (pronounced Keyblade).

Master Xehanort's plans hits a snag, however, as Ventus proves to be too pure to accept the darkness in his heart. In response, Xehanort takes the drastic step of extracting the darkness from within Ventus and gives it a physical form. He takes this new being, Vanitas, as his new apprentice, and leaves a now amnesiac Ventus with Eraqus. He also manipulates the feelings of Terra, a Keyblade apprentice and Eraqus's own son, in an effort to cultivate the darkness in the young man's heart.

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I've added a few videos with Master Xehanort to better illustrate how the character acts and sounds.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Radiant Garden (Terra's Story)


Terra journeys to the world of light. there he meets Merlin who shows him the Hundred acre wood book. he reunites with Ven & Aqua while chasing a piece of the Trinity Armor. after they destroy the Unversed Terra is hurt when he finds out that Aqua has been spying on him then he meets Braig who has been holding Master Xehanort prisoner below the outer gardens. after defeating the sarcastic sniper Terra shoots Braig across the face with dark energy, then Master Xehanort appoints Terra as a Master


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Xehanort's Ambitions (Terra's Story)

Master Xehanort summons Terra to the Badlands. Terra learns about Ven's secrets. In the Land of Departure when Master Eraqus was about to destroy Ven, Terra intervenes and struck Eraqus down and the world is swallowed by darkness. Xehanort tells Terra to go to the Keyblade Graveyard


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - A New Calling (Terra's Story)

Terra goes to the Mysterious Tower to talk to Master Yen Sid. Somehow Master Xehanort and the Unversed are connected. On the Badlands Xehanort is ashamed of the demon boy named Vanitas, said to come from Ventus. Xehanort sends Terra to Radiant Garden, which is where Vanitas is headed


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - The Keyblade Graveyard (Terra's Story)

Terra heads for his Battle with Master Xehanort on a battlefield where countless Keyblade Wielders gave up their lives for the X - Blade. When Master Xehanort has been weakened he unlocks his heart and takes over Terra's Body, but a part of Terra still lives in his armor


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep [English - Part 31 ~ Terra ~ Vanitas / Xehanort]