Catlow (1971)



Wikipedia: Jed Catlow and Ben Cowan served together in the Civil War and became friends, but now Catlow is a thief and Cowan a marshal tracking him down.


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Tough, lusty Catlow (Yul Brynner) is fast on the draw and even faster when it comes to making a dollar. He's also a wanted man. The Mexican Army is after him. So are his hellcat girlfriend, an Indian war party, a vengeful killer (Leonard Nimoy) and several hotheaded cowpokes from Catlow's outlaw gang. With enemies like these, it's a good thing Marshal Ben Cowan (Richard Crenna) is around. The marshal is Catlow's best friend, and he'd ride through rattlesnakes to rescue his besieged buddy. Because Cowan wants the pleasure of putting Catlow behind bars all to himself.

Brynner and Crenna bring a backslapping, backstabbing camaraderie to their portrayal of friendly foes. Nimoy, as mean as a hungry coyote, supplies the menace.



Shortly after the end of that series, Nimoy made many attempts to expand his horizons and fill out his lengthy filmography by taking on sometimes small but memorable roles like that of the malevolent mercenary named Orville Miller in the 1971 MGM comedy-western Catlow, where he plays a sharpshooter who can “kill a man at a thousand yards.”

Catlow was lensed primarily in Almeria, Spain, where so many of those so-called spaghetti and paella-westerns were shot during the sixties and seventies, and we have to say, Nimoy looks both tan and fit, sporting a dark neatly-trimmed beard, and he even appears in the buff taking a bath in a memorable and somewhat cringeworthy scene. Unfortunately, the narrative tone of the trailer gives the viewer the impression this is a somewhat stark actioner, packed with lots of shootouts and angry Seri Indians, but all-in-all it’s actually a rather light-hearted raw-hewned and occasionally ribald western romp (...)



Catlow is a 1971 western film, based on a 1963 novel of the same name by Louis L'Amour. It stars Yul Brynner as a renegade outlaw determined to pull off a Confederate gold heist. It co-stars Richard Crenna andLeonard Nimoy.

Nimoy mentioned this film in both of his autobiographies because it gave him a chance to break away from his role as Spock on Star Trek. He mentioned that the time he made the film was one of the happiest of his life, even though his part was rather brief. Source: Wikipedia



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