Hello and Welcome

I'm Christine and I run this page (but help is always welcome, hint, hint). I was 10 when I first saw Spock on Star Trek. It was love on first sight. About 8 years later I mentioned to someone that by then I thought the actor that played him was also easy on the eyes. That someone, who I had met through my local Star Trek fan club in Hamburg (You Know Who You Are - it's all your doing ;)), took me under her wing. Thus a full blooded, lifelong fan was born. At the time I was training as a nurse, so it might have also been fate, karma, an unavoidable route down the rabbit hole into Leonard Nimoy fandom, that I jumped into with enthusiasm.

And, here I still am, hoping to share my thoughts (rambles, ravings, opinions) about our most favorite subject with you. I wish I could be funny, make clever, intelligent remarks and be good with words like some of the people in fandom that I admire - but that would not be me. What I'm good at, though, is gathering information. I always loved the stage, while writing a paper, that was about doing the research on the topic.

"Beyond Spock" is meant to provide a place to collect, archive and put the information that is "out there" about Mr. Nimoy into some semblance of order. (At some point I realized I would never make it if I wrote every summary for every play, series, movie, etc. Mr. Nimoy has appeared in myself. I apologize for the many IMDB and Wikipedia quotes, but for now they're a necessary evil until I retire in a few decades and have ample time on my hands. Oh, and I've also got a Tumblr with many more pictures than I could ever put up here.

My special thanks go out to Grace, Irene, Jackie and especially Bonnie who have helped with this monumental task.

While knowing Mr. Nimoy had health problems for years, I had almost convinced myself that he would live forever. Anything else was simply unthinkable. Then February 27th, 2015 happened. I logged onto Tumblr and the first thing I saw was news of Mr. Nimoy's death. I was in denial. My first reaction was that such posts just happen from time to time on social networks. I had seen some such before. Reality hit, and hard, when I googled for more reliable sources and the obituaries started to come in. The first I found, I think, was the one in the New York Times. It was only too real. I didn't know what to do or say. Then, for the next few days, I furiously collected tributes to Mr. Nimoy on Tumblr (see #tribute or the archive mainly for February and March) as we shared our grief and our memories of him. It was my way to cope.

While I continue work on this page, I sometimes like to imagine De Kelley/Dr. McCoy standing behind me, just a bit to my right, nodding and smiling, because we will remember.



P.S. I'm doing a revamp of "Beyond Spock" and I apologize for any inconvenience while the project is under way.