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Leonard Nimoy Bids Farewell At Final Convention Appearance

Leonard Nimoy bid goodbye to the world of conventions on October 2, 2011, at Creation Entertainment’s Official 45th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. His final con appearance began with a surprise video assembled by Creation Entertainment featuring all seven of the main stars of Star Trek (2009) and director JJ Abrams sharing memories and good wishes to their costar. Perhaps the best moment was Karl Urban doing his best Dr. McCoy during his tribute. When Leonard Nimoy took to the stage, the audience cheered its own good wishes for the actor who was very much the heart of Star Trek.

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Creation Chicago Convention, Day 3 Recap

Sunday arrived at Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention in Chicago, with the buzz of energy anticipating the arrival of Leonard Nimoy in what would be his final appearance at a convention event. Convention host and Creation Co-CEO Adam Malin greeted the sold-out audience with reminiscences of Leonard's 25 years of appearances at Creation events and the enigmatic comment that there would be surprises during the day.


And then it was the moment people had waited all weekend for: the arrival of Leonard Nimoy. Creation surprised the audience with an amazing video farewell from J.J. Abrams and the cast of the new Star Trek film. After that, attendees were treated to Bruno Mars’ hysterical music video featuring Leonard as an honest-to-god slacker (bedeviled by images of William Shatner on TV!). And then it was the magic moment, and Nimoy emerged on stage to a thunderous standing ovation, a packed sold-out house on hand to pay its respects to Leonard for his years of entertainment and friendship. As is typical for Leonard, he had a fully structured presentation with multiple images from his life on the screen. Attendees were treated to shots of him from early projects like Zombies of the Stratosphere, scenes from his childhood growing up in Boston, and several shots from his highly conceptual photography projects, among them The Full Body Project, Shekhina and Secret Selves. Nimoy was clearly moved and nostalgic as he shared this final presentation with his legions of fans. As he bid "Live Long and Prosper" one last time, the audience held up 1,000 cards all wishing him the same thing, surely a Kodak moment. After he left the stage, Creation staffers emerged with a Hagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream cake (that being Leonard's favorite ice cream), and the audience all shared a tasty bite to help remember the sweetness of the moment, an experience we would all carry together for a lifetime. (click here to see photos from Daily Herald)





Leonard Nimoy Attends His Final 'Star Trek' Convention

The 80-year-old actor played Mr. Spock on the sci-fi television series and in several movies.

Leonard Nimoy attended his final Star Trek convention this past weekend in Illinois.
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The 80-year-old actor, who portrayed Mr. Spock on the sci-fi television series and in several movies, held a photography seminar Saturday evening and gave an hour-long speech about his life and on Sunday at the event, which celebrated the 45th anniversary of Star Trek.


While he was bidding farewell to Star Trek faithful, Nimoy's personal art collection was part of the Pacific Standard Time museum extravaganza held this weekend in Los Angeles. The invite-only VIP Access program gave tours of the art holdings of names such as Nimoy, Michael Ovitz, attorney Alan Hergott and producers Gail and Tony Ganz.



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Leonard Nimoy says farewell to 'Star Trek' fans

Trekkies, we hope you got your Spock fix, because Leonard Nimoy is closing the door on "Star Trek" related appearances. At 80 years old, the iconic actor has decided to stop attending "Star Trek" conventions, symbolically passing the torch to the newest incarnation of Spock, Zachary Quinto.

"This is hard. I thought it would be, and it is," he told fans at his final Trek convention appearance this weekend. "I'm so grateful for the support we have had and the exchange of love that we have had for so many years... May each and every one of you live long and prosper."

Try to keep your emotions under control.



Leonard Nimoy Bids Farewell at His Final Convention Appearance in Chicago

Leonard Nimoy made what has been touted as his “final convention appearance” on Sunday in Chicago at the final stop of Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention which is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the franchise.

Back in July, Nimoy announced that he would be retiring from the convention scene this year, listing the annual Las Vegas convention in August, followed by Chicago this past weekend as his final appearances.

In addition to Nimoy, the weekend’s festivities included on stage appearances from a myriad of other Star Trek actors and personalities, including Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Nichelle Nichols, John de Lancie, Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonis, Brannon Braga,’s own John Tenuto and more.

Inside the Grand Ballroom of the Westin O’Hare Hotel, Creation co-founder Adam Malin presented an emotional video tribute, a pre-recorded video farewell from director J.J. Abrams, and Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song” music video, in which Nimoy stars.

Around 2 PM, Nimoy made his way on stage to a standing ovation and thunderous applause. Similar to his presentation at this year’s Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, Nimoy presented a retrospective on his career, discussing his life and career through images, poems and narrative.

Nimoy discussed growing up in Boston, moving to Los Angeles, his early work in Hollywood and being cast in Star Trek.

Following the heart-felt presentation, Nimoy held up the Vulcan salute, wishing all the fans “Live Long and Prosper.” He was then presented with a cake, which he shared with the audience.

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Leonard Nimoy tells Star Trek fans to 'Live Long and Prosper' at final show

The 80-year-old made his final appearance in Chicago at a show marking the 45th anniversary of the first episode of the science fiction series. He entertained Trekkies with stories about his life for about an hour as they cheered and held signs saying ‘We love you Leonard’.

Adam Malin, chief executive of Creation Entertainment, which runs Star Trek conventions, has toured with Nimoy for nearly three decades and said he ‘will be missed’.

Famed for his pointy-ears, the half-Vulcan science officer was known for a lack of emotion and methodical approach to problems. His fan base is huge – he even has an online church devoted to his character called The Church of Spock of Latter Day Science Officers.



Abschied von Spock
Ich beam dann mal weg

"Faszinierend...": Mit diesem Spruch wurde Mr. Spock zum bekanntesten Außerirdischen der Welt. Die Brücke des Raumschiffs "Enterprise" hat Darsteller Leonard Nimoy längst verlassen. Nun gab er einen weiteren Abschied bekannt - und fand dafür natürlich die richtigen Worte.


Für Fans vielleicht ein bisschen tröstlich: Mr. Spock argumentierte an Bord der "Enterprise" immer streng logisch - und tat sich oft schwer mit den impulsiven Entscheidungen seiner menschlichen Kumpels Captain Kirk und Dr. "Pille" McCoy. Zur Logik gehört aber auch: Alles hat ein Ende, auch die Karriere von Nimoy als Spock.

Zum Abschied spreizte der 80-jährige Nimoy seine Finger zum vulkanischen Gruß, der eines der Markenzeichen Spocks ist. Er verabschiedete sich, wie so oft schon in den Filmen, mit den Worten: "Lebt lang und in Frieden."

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“Hollywood Nation: Dr. Spock’s Last ‘Trek’ Fest”

Fox News Headline Blunder. TrekMovie runs an article on the Dr./Mr. Spock mixup that regularly occurs.

I especially liked this comment on TrekMovie suggesting a few lines in the next movie that would settle the issue once and for all

38. dmduncan - October 5, 2011 

Sure. In the movie they’re talking about Mr. Spock and you could say like

McCoy: “Mr. Spock has a PhD in SCIENCE.” 

Nurse Chapel: “Well…what kind?”

McCoy: “All of it.”


Tribute video by the new Star Trek cast.


Leonard Nimoy has gone to his last Star Trek convention

Leonard Nimoy will, we hope, live long and prosper. But wherever the heck he does that living and prospering, it won’t be at a Star Trek convention. Because he just attended his final con.


When he departed, Nimoy signed autographs and asked that a cake which had been prepared for him be shared with the fans in the sold-out room. (We don’t know bout you, but if we’d managed to snag a slice, we’d have saved it as a souvenir rather than eating it!)


Well, SyFy’s online page might draw a blank on Mr. Nimoy’s whereabouts, but the November 2007 edition of Art and Antiques was invited to take a look at the Nimoy’s home and art collection.

Star Trek at 45: Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy

Chicago, October 7, 2011 – Actor Leonard Nimoy recently received a collective hug from “Star Trek” fans as he bid the standing room-only crowd a final “live long and prosper.”  Best known for his legendary portrayal of Mr. Spock in TV and film, Nimoy announced he is finally hanging up his pointy Vulcan ears and retiring from the lucrative Star Trek convention circuit.

Thousands of “Trekkies” converged on the sold-out Chicago Creation Convention recently to celebrate Star Trek’s 45th anniversary and to get one last glimpse of Nimoy, the 80 year-old elder statesman of the worldwide 1966 Gene Roddenberry franchise phenomenon.

But is this really goodbye, Mr. Spock?

Star Trek’s logical Mr. Spock

“Star Trek fans do not really believe in goodbyes,” reflected longtime Trekkie Jonathan Steely as he watched Nimoy exit the stage.

The Trekkie has a point. 

In Star Trek, there is no need for goodbyes. Not when this cult fan series made us believe things like time travel and alternate universes were possible. Not when an adventurous Captain Kirk, an ornery Dr. McCoy, and a stubborn pointy-eared Vulcan made us want to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

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The Search for Spock

How do you know when your life has been touched by an iconic character? When he can make you cry over buffalo wings and jalapeno poppers.

That’s how my story starts, at least, as I searched Twitter on my phone and found the update, “Leonard Nimoy prepares for final convention.” I was shocked to learn of his retirement, but not as surprised as I was to feel tears welling up in my eyes.

I’ve never been a person to fawn over celebrities; anyone who’s been to a convention with me knows that. I’ve never before paid for an autograph, picture, or commissioned a drawing. But somehow the knowledge that I would never again get the chance to meet Nimoy, the iconic Spock, brought me to tears.


Sunday is Spock Day

Finally, the day arrived. The train ride to the Westin was practically unbearable, and I busied myself with checking my phone’s battery incessantly, since it had died by noon the two previous days.

Before Nimoy, there were two panels featuring Nana Visitor and Rene Auberjonois, Kira and Odo from Deep Space Nine. They had a question and answer panel and then read a play called Cross Your Hearts. While they were very entertaining and charming people, I watched very little Deep Space Nine, so it was hard to get into their panels. It seemed that a lot of other con-goers felt the same, and I felt a bit sorry for them, having to be the opening act for Leonard Nimoy.

After one last auction (there was one every day), it was time for Nimoy. First, however, was a tribute video made by the cast of the new Star Trek movie, sending him well-wishes on his retirement. It was a funny and touching moment for everyone. The convention organizers had passed out signs saying, “We Love You Leonard! Live Long & Prosper”. We clutched the signs waiting for any signs of movement from the stage.

Nimoy’s intro? His now-famous Bruno Mars music video.

Leonard Nimoy took the stage, and the room exploded. He quietly took the podium and began to speak. Not a single noise was heard except for the click of cameras.

He talked about his childhood, and his early love of acting. He showed pictures of himself in his youth and in his early acting roles, and then recounted a great story of how he came up with the “Vulcan hand gesture”.

“It’s a magic sign,” he quipped, “Every time I do it, flashbulbs go off.”

He talked briefly about his time on Star Trek, but then went on to describe his other achievements post-Trek. He worked on the Mission Impossible series. He starred in Fiddler on the Roof. Shortly before making Star Trek The Motion Picture, he graduated from Antioch College with a Master’s in Education. (Side note: PoP!-Star Thacher E. Cleveland and Superfly Czar Tony Barry both went to Antioch College in Somewhere, Ohio.)

Nimoy also showed the audience some of his photography and read one of his many poetry writings. As he raised his hand in salute to the audience with a final, “live long and prosper”, Knize, Kristin “Foxy” Allen, her father, and myself raced downstairs to get into the picture line.

The line was huge, but we were close to the start of it. It moved quickly, with each person only getting a few seconds with Nimoy. The closer I got, the dumber I began to feel, but I obediently inched forward, posed, and smiled without making a fool of myself. I did, however, forget to make the hand sign.

After pictures, we went back up to the ballroom to wait for our autographs and found that there was a goodbye cake. As we stood in line for cake, I started to cry. Now, we’ve joked that it was Foxy’s fault, but it wasn’t. My brain just happened to switch back into “think” mode at that very moment.

We got the last few pieces of cake and sat down to eat. I approve of Spock’s cake having a coffee ice cream center. It just felt right.


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Nimoy attends his last Star Trek convention_CBS Online"Nimoy attends his last 'Star Trek' convention_CBS Online." Sorry, no embedding allowed by CBS :(

Go to YouTube to watch it.



The Chicago Tribune runs a piece on Mr. Nimoy's retirement plans, including a few words on the subject by Creation Entertainment CEO Adam Malin

Leonard Nimoy to seek out new life beyond Star Trek conventions

"Change is inevitable," said Adam Malin, co-CEO of Creation Entertainment, which has been running Star Trek conventions across the country for years. "We've enjoyed almost three decades of touring and collaborating with Leonard. Everything he does he throws himself into it with passion and energy. After all this, Leonard's just looking to broaden his horizons and move in different directions with his life."

"Star Trek conventions will live long and prosper without Leonard, but he will be missed," Malin said. "This Sunday is going to be unbelievably poignant and heartfelt. If we can keep it together and not all break down into balls of mush, it should go pretty well."


The End of an Era

In fact, in a perfectly appropriate imitation of life itself, Star Trek, at 45 years old, is at the point where it is experiencing more endings than beginnings. To quote Jean Luc Picard, “Lately, I’ve become very much aware that there are fewer days ahead than there are behind”.

Nowhere in the world of Star Trek was this more evident than in Leonard Nimoy’s final appearance at a trek convention, which took place in Chicago this past weekend. Mr Nimoy, who is 80 years old now, has stated publicly that he wants to focus his energies on other things – including his family, his work in photography, and just generally slowing things down a bit so he can enjoy himself. He’s certainly earned the opportunity. Nevertheless, among the fans, he will be sorely missed.

I first saw Leonard Nimoy at a Trek convention at the Hotel Commodore in New York City in 1973 when he was a surprise guest alongside George Takei and James Doohan. I have seen him 4 times since and was more and more impressed each time with his warmth, joviality, genuineness, and appreciation for his fans. The simple fact that he is now an octogenarian is startling enough in and of itself – to say nothing about the realization that comes with that fact, namely that Star Trek is a thing of the past.

The biggest impact of all this, I suppose, is the addition of Star Trek to a growing list of things that constantly remind me how old I am. It’s an unsettling feeling as I used to think of Trek as something that made me feel young. This is why I wish I had some new beginnings to write about! However, it’s an unrealistic hope. It seems to make more sense for me to accept the aging of Star Trek and its subsequent exit from the limelight much as I try to accept my own aging. So, I will count myself lucky if I can get through all the changes later-life hands me by exhibiting the same dignity and class with which Leonard Nimoy said goodbye to the convention circuit.

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Nimoy!

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Report: Creation’s Chicago Star Trek Convention with Nimoy, Frakes, Spiner & More

Leonard Nimoy’s final convention appearance started with an amazing surprise exclusive video featuring all the cast of the new Star Trek (2009) movie and director JJ Abrams sharing their good wishes and roasting Nimoy on his retirement.

Nimoy appeared on stage to thunderous applause and began to tell his life story through words and photos. Interesting facts included his two years in the military as a infantry solider and how as a cab driver he once drove then Senator John F. Kennedy and the two discussed acting and politics. The advice that future President Kennedy gave Nimoy, that there is always room for one more good actor, was an inspiration to Nimoy.

As Nimoy left the stage, the audience all produced signs saying “We love you Leonard! Live Long and Prosper!” to which Nimoy appeared very moved. He waved once last time, and exited the stage. Nimoy then asked that a cake that Creation had made for him be shared with the entire audience.

Source: Trek News