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WWLNS (What would Leonard Nimoy Say? 2011)

Won a Lotus Award. (more/close)



Lotus Awards: Best Social Media Single or Multi-Platform Campaign - "What would Leonard Nimoy Say?" (November 10th, 2011)

"The annual Lotus Awards is a competitive advertising awards show that celebrates creative excellence in British Columbia. Established in 1989, the Lotus Awards show was founded by the West Coast advertising community to recognize outstanding creative work of individuals, companies and agencies in BC. Originally just an ‘advertising’ show, the Lotus Awards have been expanded in recent years to include design, interactive, social media and direct mail. "

A review of the Facebook App can be found here.


PRX Fundraising Voices - Leonard Nimoy (Contribute and Prosper 2009)



Leonard Nimoy recorded a fundraising ad for public radio stations in 2009:

"Hello, I'm Leonard Nimoy. Perhaps you remember me for my role on the original Mission Impossible. Or, maybe you know my work on another television program where I was known to use two distinctive hand gestures - one that encouraged a long and prosperous life, and the other rendered another life form unconscious. Naturally I prefer the first of those gestures. You can make a similar life affirming gesture by supporting the programming you enjoy on your Public Radio station. Please call or go online now, and hopefully we'll all live long and prosper. Thank you."

Go to the Public Radio Exchange website to listen to him.

Star Trek Online Las Vegas Webcast

Leonard Nimoy helps introduce a game. (more/close)


Unknown Auto Show

More information wanted.


Barnes & Nobel: Meet the Writers

Leonard Nimoy talks about The Full Body Project on the Barnes & Noble website to promote his book. (more/close)


NASA TV ID (2006)

NASA and Star Trek - a logical match. (more/close)



Wingz (1987)



YouTube description: Leonard Nimoy "hosts" new product video first used in "Time Shuttle" at Macworld SF (1987); produced by the product's marketing lead, Douglas Edwards with outside video producers through Muller & Company for Innovative Software (later Informix); there were individual Mac monitors in the enclosed Time Shuttle booth, one for every two visitors to showcase the capability Nimoy describes. Rumors that Nimoy would be in the booth caused a mad rush at the opening of the show each day and blocked aisles surrounding the exhibit. Show management threatened to evict us because we had too much traffic. Originally built for a one time use, the exhibit was a hit and was used for a year at Macworld, Comdex, and Unix events.


Demonstration of the Magnavision VideoDisc Player

As one person on YouTube remarked, there might be at least one appearance he'd like to forget.

YouTube description: "Leonard Nimoy pitches the Magnavox Laserdisc player in LEONARD NIMOY DEMONSTRATES THE MAGNAVISION VIDEODISC PLAYER, a vintage demo produced by the manufacturer in 1981. At the time manufacturers were trying to position the format away from rival RCA, whose Selectavision disc players were poor in quality and unreliable. This is PART 1 of the disc itself, with Nimoy introducing the benefits of the Laservision process for interested consumers -- Parts 2 and 3 contain selling tips designed for Magnavision salespeople, showing clearly the disadvantages companies had to try and persuade a skeptical public only into things that could record."