Creation Con Las Vegas 2011


Day 1

I was 16 rows back on the aisle, so I was pleased given that the main room was HUGE! There were ‘break out ‘ sessions in other large rooms during the con with something going on somewhere all the time! The crowds were handled well overall, virtually no wait time to register and the hotel was very nice. My main complaint would be that so much was going on, that you had to choose some appearances over others, as many were scheduled at the same time! (Leonard and Bill were exceptions to this.) So - I saw Nichelle, Sir Patrick, Walter, Brent Spiner, James Darren, David Warner, Grace Lee, Kate Mulgrew, etc. but missed George, Jonathan  Frakes, Robin Curtis, etc. I enjoyed the guest star panels—saw two out of three of those.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOf course Bill and Leonard packed the house. I also bumped into Bill in the VooDoo lounge party once or twice and we saw him (the guy in the white hat in the photo) filming his documentary several times. He panned the audience with the cameras at the end, where he gave us signs to hold up. I moved mine around a lot, so it might stand out! Lol.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOK - where to begin on Leonard?? The dealers room was a lot less crowded on Thurs. and Friday, so we had more time to talk with the stars who had tables there. Joked with Brent Spiner as to why he was never nominated for an Emmy. Had a long talk with Grace Lee, who told us some things that were not in her book! She then told me she was going to be at his photography seminar that night and was excited about it!

Also in the dealers room was Gary Hasson from Lightspeed Fine Art who also acts as LN’s agent (as well as for many of the other actors) for conventions. He also gets their signatures on Hirschfeld prints and other items. We recognized each other and hugged and caught up on things. I also knew some of the other Lightspeed staff and we had a great ‘reunion!’ During the course of this Gary re-introduced me by name to Brent (who is also a personal friend.) Gary said something like “she is a big fan of yours AFTER Leonard!” Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWe had a laugh. When Gary and I were alone again, I asked “OK-what’s behind the Dragon Con cancellation?” He said “It is a family situation.” I replied that the last time we heard THAT phrase (at the Chicago Con), Leonard was really in the hospital. He nodded and said “no, really –it is a family thing.” I then asked (Gary is so patient with me! ha) “a good situation or a bad/sad one?” He said “it’s good.” (1) So, I went on to inquire about Leonard’s health. He said “these cons now can take a lot out of him," and that he gets tired, ”but he loves his fans.”

Day 2

Shatner was seen several times besides being onstage. He was filming a documentary “Fan Addicts.” I have no idea when this will premiere or when. Watched him film some, bumped into him at the VooDoo lounge party Friday night ,but no ‘meaningful’ interaction.

Right before the doors opened for "Secret Selves" presentation, Grace Lee and a male companion walked up. She said “I hate to be a line jumper” but we said to go ahead and she took a place ahead of us. The door opened and she/her friend went on inside (I think she and Leonard took a moment together before the talk.) To her credit, when we came in she had gone to the back of the room and drew no more attention to herself so the focus could be on Leonard. This room was much smaller than the big rooms for other parts of the con, but it was still packed. People were seated 2 to 3 to a rectangular table that were in rows. We were on the first row. I’d guess that 60-70 people were there. We were asked not to take pics, not even when he came out, which I am proud to say people respected.

He looked good and talked a bit before showing the companion video of his interviewing the subjects/people he photographed for “Secret Selves.” It was fascinating, funny and moving. He then came back out and asked for audience responses. Then there was a Q and A. During this time, he came and stood (there was no stage-we were all on the same level) RIGHT beside me at the end of the table! He was less than 2 feet away—I could even read the “Vans” label on his black sneakers!

This was so disconcerting that I can’t remember most of the questions! After several were asked, I raised my hand. He pointed and said “Yes—oh hello, Bonnie!”

I WAS FLOORED and every eye turned to look at me (my friend joked later—“they thought you might be somebody”!) I told him how proud I was to have been a sponsor and that I thought it was a great exhibition. He agreed that he thought MASS MoCA did a good job with its presentation. I then asked if it might open in other venues—I don’t remember exactly what he said, but the overall answer seemed to be no, or not at this time. At one point, he also said “hello John” and that’s how we learned that John deLancie (Q) had also sneaked in for the lecture! At the close, they announced that they had some of the “Secret Selves” books there and, if you purchased one, Leonard would sign it right then! I already had one, but was more than happy to obtain another under these circumstances! They must not have brought that many because they sold out really fast. I was able to get mine signed with a smile. We were all on cloud 9 after that experience!


Day 3

[The] next day was day for the Photo Ops and Autographs with Leonard and some of the other stars, as well as Leonard’s wonderful talk. Reports on that have been well documented thus far, but I can only add that it was a moment I’ll NEVER forget when Leonard became emotional at the close, left the stage briefly then returned to bid us thanks and farewell. Everyone was drained afterwards! I ended up talking to some other fans and catching my breath. After a while, someone said “didn’t you have a photo op with Leonard?” I said yes and they informed me they were going on right NOW! I literally had to run to the other side of the convention hall. When I arrived at the door, I was told that his photo ops were over!!  I was devastated!!  Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHowever, the “Unification” photo-op with Leonard and Brent Spiner (Lt.Data) was going on and I also had a ticket for that! So, I got in line. When my turn came up, I walked between them. Then, Leonard turned and said “Brent, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine, Bonnie Moss!” Once again, I was STUNNED!  He knows my last name too?? Friend?? This was too much! Of course, Brent, thinking I really am a close friend or something, starts shaking my hand in an ‘any friend of Leonard’s is a friend of mine’-type response. It was surreal!

Other folks noticed this too, and when photo was done, I walked over to another con staff person and asked if there was any way I could make up my solo pic. She indicated for me to wait, which I was happy to do. When all the joint shots were over, she says “it’s up to Mr.Nimoy if he would do another photo”—by that time, he was already motioning me to come over and he asked Brent to move! It was really funny and oh, so sweet of him! I thanked him for doing this.

The autograph session was next. The line was unbelievable! It was somewhat hurried and I don’t think anyone had much of a ‘moment” with Leonard during this (I heard that he may have signed as many as 600 autographs!) I had Leonard sign a vintage TV Guide with he and Bill on the cover (Bill signed it as well the next day) as well as a photo of  him in front of the donor wall at the entrance to “Secret Selves” at MASS MoCA. Finally, I had him sign a copy of my own “Secret Selves” portrait that he took. He did pause to look at this longer, but was prompted to move on by the con staff seated with him.

I wish to thank Leonard for his thoughtfulness to me AND all the other fans during this wonderful, memorable weekend

LLAP, Bonnie

(1) He later tweeted during Dragon Con that he was at stepson Aaron’s Birthday party!